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“Unbearable Conditions at Costa del Sol Hospital Lab Sparks Outrage!”

March 22, 2024
"Unbearable Conditions at Costa del Sol Hospital Lab Sparks Outrage!" - mini1 1709053240 - Local Events and Festivities -

CSIF Union Calls for Immediate Dismissal of Hospital Costa del Sol Management

The CSIF union has formally demanded the immediate dismissal of the management and supervision of the Clinical Analysis Service of the Laboratory Unit at the Hospital Costa del Sol in Marbella. This comes in response to the unsustainable situation that this area has been experiencing for months.

Union Demands Accountability for Neglect and Inaction

In a letter addressed to the hospital management, the union calls for accountability for the state of neglect and inaction of the middle management in the face of the high workload borne by the staff of Laboratory Specialist Technicians (TEL) and the chronic understaffing in the service. The union has been demanding solutions to this situation for months, which they believe poses a real risk to the safety and health of their workers.

Union Warns Against Threats and Intimidation

The CSIF also reports that in recent weeks there have been veiled threats towards professionals following a letter the union submitted in January demanding full coverage of all positions. The union, which has forwarded these to its legal department, warns that it will not tolerate any form of retaliation or intimidation towards service professionals.

Unhealthy Work Environment and Lack of Transparency

The union points out that the work environment is unhealthy and has significant repercussions on the health of professionals. Instead of listening to professionals and addressing problems and inconveniences during the work shift, the management continues to demand that the Laboratory Specialist Technicians cover shifts that the center has not even tried to fill previously.

Staff Shortage and Lack of Transparency

At the same time, the union denounces that due to the high staff shortage, personal matters and permits that professionals are entitled to are systematically denied. This is coupled with a lack of transparency regarding work schedules, which are provided sparingly. These breaches prevent workers from accessing their right to reconcile work and family life.

Poor Management and Economic Prioritization

In the view of the CSIF, there is a fundamental problem in this unit due to the poor management by those responsible for the Area Management and the supervision of the Clinical Analysis Service. They prioritize economic criteria over care criteria and see the professional as a mere piece to be squeezed to the maximum.

Union Demands for Clear Job Descriptions and Minimum Staff Coverage

The union continues to demand that a job evaluation be carried out so that the functions of each professional are clearly defined and recorded in writing. It also demands that the coverage of the minimum staff be guaranteed, that work schedules be provided in a timely and proper manner, and that the labor regulations regarding licenses, permits, and vacations of workers be complied with.

Severe Staff Shortage and Overwhelming Workloads

The situation is very complicated for the staff of Laboratory Specialist Technicians (TEL), depleted by poor hiring and exhausted by excessive workloads. The understaffing in this unit is brutal, which has put these professionals in a limit situation, as the reinforcements that occasionally occur in the TEL staff gradually disappear due to lack of renewal. The situation extends to all departments of the service, which require a minimum and essential structural reinforcement of professionals to guarantee normal operation and decent working conditions in the unit.

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