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Triple A’s Grand Opening Turns into a Fiasco: Facilities Flooded Right After Inauguration!

March 22, 2024
Triple A's Grand Opening Turns into a Fiasco: Facilities Flooded Right After Inauguration! - mini1 1710030351 - Local Events and Festivities -

Triple A Facilities Flooded After Recent Rainfall

The Triple A animal shelter facilities have been flooded due to the recent overnight rains. The Marbella City Council’s efforts to provide the Triple A animal shelter with decent facilities have turned into a disaster. This was somewhat anticipated, but it has only come to light a few days after the inauguration. The recent rains have caused the facilities to flood.

Construction Work on Animal Shelter Deemed a Disaster

The construction work carried out at the Marbella animal shelter, which eventually cost 1.8 million euros, nearly 50% over the initial budget, can be described as a complete disaster. The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, inaugurated it last Monday and just five days later, with the arrival of rain, the facilities were flooded.

Newly Opened Facilities Flooded

Many of the newly opened facilities woke up flooded this Saturday, including the rooms designated for cats. The situation has caused a lot of outrage, as more and more defects are being noticed, not just those exposed by the rain. For instance, the operating rooms, where animals are operated on with inhalation anesthesia, lack ventilation, a completely irregular situation.

Controversy Surrounding the Facilities

The controversy surrounding these facilities, undertaken by the City Council, has been ongoing and unresolved. The project began in April 2022 and in March 2023, a couple of months before the municipal elections, the mayor visited the area and claimed it was 80% complete.

Complaints About the Facilities

There, she spread all her propaganda, as always full of lies, because the reality is that the discomfort was already evident both in the association’s board and among the volunteers. At that time, multiple deficiencies in the facilities were publicly denounced, which have been repeatedly pointed out without being addressed.

Complaints Transferred to the City Council

Months passed and in October, complaints were again forwarded to the City Council. One of them was related to the elevated kennels of the exterior building, which were very exposed to the sun and heat. It was suggested that reflective paint be applied, as well as the installation of awnings to create shade.

Warnings About Rainfall Problems

Warnings were also given that there would be problems when it rained, which have now been fully exposed. These issues were denounced by the previous president, Elise Dunweber, who also warned about the danger of the lack of ventilation in the operating rooms.

New Management Decides to Move Animals

The new management, led by Bettina Pietsch, has decided to move the animals from the temporary shelter and accompanied the mayor last Monday on her visit to the facilities.

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