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Unmissable Job Fair in Marbella: Your Dream Job Awaits!

January 19, 2024
Employment fair to provide opportunities for jobseekers in Marbella

Marbella’s Sixth Annual Job Fair Marbella Returns in February

The ‘Feria de Empleo’, also known as the job fair, is set to return to Marbella for the sixth time on 15 February. The event will take place at the Adolfo Suárez Conference Centre in the town. The fair has gained national recognition, attracting approximately 5,000 attendees last year. With 140 stands, 2,000 job opportunities were offered by various companies and an additional 8,000 by the army. The event received a satisfaction rate of nearly 93 percent from participants, according to Marbella’s mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

Associations and Exhibitors at the Fair

Muñoz announced that associations such as CIT Marbella, REM, Apymem, Apymespa, Andalucía Emprende, CADE, SAE, the Spanish Army, and the Red Cross, among others, will be present at the fair. The event will commence at 9am and conclude at 6pm. The town hall will also be exhibiting, providing information on municipal resources for job searching and conducting presentations on training sessions. These sessions will be held in the Blue Room, and a ‘speech corner’ will be set up for human resources managers from different companies to discuss key aspects they consider when recruiting candidates.

Career Guidance and Preparation

In the weeks leading up to the event, a dedicated team from the town hall will provide career guidance to attendees. The team aims to assist unemployed individuals in the town to be as well prepared as possible, thereby increasing their chances of securing employment. They will offer help with tasks such as CV writing and job interview preparation.

Registration and Additional Information for Job Fair Marbella 2024

The job fair is free to attend, but participants are required to register at Further information can be found on the town hall website: link to Job Fair Marbella

Marbella’s Economic Development and Employment Figures

The mayor emphasized that the job fair is one of many initiatives and measures promoted by the town hall to boost economic development and support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The strength of the Marbella brand continues to attract investors, entrepreneurs, and tourists, contributing to the town’s historic economic and employment figures in 2023. Unemployment is currently at its lowest level since December 2007, having decreased by 28 percent over the past six years. The number of self-employed individuals in the town has increased by 1,300, and there are currently over 20,000 companies, nearly 2,000 more than before the pandemic.

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