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Unveiling the Secret Nighttime Safety Makeover of San Pedro Alcántara Tunnel: A-7 Motorway L

April 25, 2024
A-7 motorway lane closures until June as nighttime safety work starts on San Pedro Alcántara tunnel

Major Safety Improvement Work Begins on A-7 Motorway

Traffic on the A-7 motorway, a crucial route on the Costa del Sol, is expected to slow down as safety enhancement work commences on an underground section of the road in San Pedro Alcántara, near Marbella. The project, which started on 19th April and is set to continue until 26th June, involves the construction of emergency exits within the tunnel.

Project Costs and Traffic Disruptions

The safety improvement project is estimated to cost around 3.76 million euros. To ensure the safety of the workers, the left lane heading towards Cadiz between kilometres 1054.260 and 1055.260, and towards Malaga between kilometres 1055.260 and 1054.260, will be closed. However, the right lane will remain open for traffic at all times.

Work Schedule and Traffic Flow

The work schedule will affect traffic during specific hours. On Sunday to Monday nights, lane closures will occur between 10pm on Sundays and 7am on Mondays. From Monday to Friday, the closures will be from 9pm to 7am the next day. There will be no lane closures between 7am and 9pm, nor at weekends. Traffic will resume as usual from 7am on Fridays.

No Alternative Routes Available

According to a statement from the ministry, due to the specific nature of this area, it is not feasible to provide alternative routes during the construction period. Therefore, motorists are advised to plan their journeys accordingly to avoid any inconvenience.

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