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San Pedro stands strong at home, clinches stunning victory over Mijas Las Lagunas!

April 13, 2024
San Pedro stands strong at home, clinches stunning victory over Mijas Las Lagunas! - mini1 1712574948 - Local Events and Festivities -

UD San Pedro Celebrates Victory Over Mijas Las Lagunas

UD San Pedro celebrated a crucial victory in their match against Mijas Las Lagunas, who came into the game as the second-ranked team. Despite playing with a man advantage from the 14th minute, the red and black team couldn’t score until the second half, thanks to an exceptional shot from Elías from outside the box. San Pedro deserved to extend their lead, but faced a strong push from their rivals in the final minutes.

Antonio Naranjo Municipal Stadium Hosts Key Match

The Antonio Naranjo Municipal Stadium was the venue for this match between two promotion contenders, UD San Pedro and Mijas Las Lagunas. The Mijas team entered the match with a four-point lead over the red and blacks. San Pedro was the first to threaten with a good attack that Asencio couldn’t finish due to the solid work of the visiting defense. This happened within the first five minutes of the game.

Red Card Changes the Course of the Game

Before the 15-minute mark, a play that would shape the course of the match occurred. Asencio got ahead of Walter and was heading alone towards the opponent’s goal when he was knocked down outside the box. This resulted in a red card and a man advantage for San Pedro. From that moment, Fali Escobar’s team took control of the ball, threatening the area but failing to finish all their attacking plays.

Elías Scores the Only Goal of the Match

In the 53rd minute, Elías connected with a ball at the edge of the box to unleash a perfect shot that found the corner of the Mijas Las Lagunas goal. The home team continued to seek the opposing goal, against a rival who tried to step forward to try to scrape at least one point. Goalkeeper Reina caught the few attempts from the visiting attack.

San Pedro Secures Crucial Victory

The score remained unchanged, and San Pedro secured a victory and three crucial points that put them just one point behind second place. The match details are as follows: UD San Pedro: Reina, Dani Lavela, Morilla, Pepe del Río (Nacho Linares, min. 89), Adri Ruiz (Carlos Martín, min. 89), Asencio (Álvaro, min. 68), Jesús Díaz (Sumaila, min. 77), Elías (Manu, min. 61), Ontonellar (Houssam, min. 65), Pablo Ortega and Andrés del Río. CP Mijas Las Lagunas: Galisteo, Javi Ocaña (Ligio, min. 63), Fabri, Cristóbal (Javi Muñoz, min. 75), Álvaro Sánchez, Tarasco (Richard, min. 57), Aceña (Garrido, min. 30), Aguero, Antonio Caballero, Walter and Lesedi (Esteban, min. 65). Referee: Martínez Tirado. He cautioned the locals Elías, Morilla, Ontonellar, Jesús Díaz, Reina, Álvaro and Carlos Martín; and the visitors Lesedi and Sergio Esteban. He sent off the visitor Walter with a straight red card in the 14th minute. Goal: 1-0, min. 53: Elías. Field: Municipal Antonio Naranjo.

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