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Stunning San Pedro Bus Station Still Awaiting Significant Progress!

May 17, 2024
Stunning San Pedro Bus Station Still Awaiting Significant Progress! - mini1 1715706330 - Local Events and Festivities -

San Pedro Alcántara’s Bus Station Project Still in Limbo

The plot of land, located west of Teresa León school, is earmarked for the San Pedro Alcántara interchange. However, the prospect of San Pedro Alcántara having a bus station still seems distant as there are no significant advancements in this project that the Regional Government needs to undertake. The land was acquired at the end of 2021, and now there are talks of signing an agreement and starting construction in 2025.

Marbella’s Mayor’s 15-Year Tenure Without a Bus Station for San Pedro Alcántara

Marbella’s Mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, is about to complete fifteen years in office, during which she has not been able to provide San Pedro Alcántara with a bus station. The so-called transport interchange has remained a dream for over a decade. In 2013, the mayor proposed this infrastructure and even began its construction opposite María Teresa León school, sparking a major controversy.

Political Opposition and Protests Against the Project

There were protests from the Parent-Teacher Association of this school, and the initiative faced opposition from the rest of the parties in the Corporation: PSOE, OSP, and IU. When these political parties formed a tripartite government in June 2015, the project was halted.

New Location Proposed After Mayor’s Return to Office

After Ángeles Muñoz returned to the mayor’s office in 2017 and the arrival of the PP to the Regional Government in early 2019, a new location was proposed in a nearby area, called Cielo de San Pedro. The plot was not municipally owned and had to be acquired, a process that concluded at the end of 2021.

Little Progress in Over Two Years

Since then, there has been little progress in over two years, beyond carrying out the basic project and setting a budget of one million euros. This morning, the deputy mayor of San Pedro Alcántara, Javier García, revisited this issue, but with few updates.

Imminent Agreement with the Regional Government

He stated that an agreement with the Regional Government to undertake the San Pedro bus station is about to be signed “imminently”. As a major change, he said it will have six bus bays, instead of the initially planned four, following the changes made.

Features of the 8,000 Square Meter Plot

The 8,000 square meter plot will also have a stopover, parking for electric bus charging, and a building with a passenger lounge, a ticket office, public toilets, and a warehouse. The urbanization works, which are the responsibility of the City Council, will fall on the owners of the sector.

Land Acquired Through Prior Agreement

The plot was acquired through a prior agreement for early transfer by the owners who have to develop the partial plan of the area.

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