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“Stunning New Pavilion at El Ingenio Surpasses Budget by Nearly 30% – Find Out Why!”

March 22, 2024
"Stunning New Pavilion at El Ingenio Surpasses Budget by Nearly 30% - Find Out Why!" - mini1 1710719740 - Local Events and Festivities -

Recreation of the Anticipated Pavilion at El Ingenio in San Pedro Alcántara

The new sports pavilion being built in San Pedro Alcántara, in the El Ingenio area, is expected to exceed its initial budget by almost 30%. This is another example of how public works spending by the Marbella City Council is skyrocketing.

Government Team’s Approach to Overruns

The governing team of the People’s Party (PP) is becoming accustomed to cost overruns and budgets spiraling out of control once projects are awarded. The Public Contracts Law, approved by the Rajoy Government in 2018, allows for a spending increase of up to 50% as long as it is justified.

Recent Overruns in Public Works

As we recently reported, the works at the Triple A animal shelter facilities exceeded their budget by 48.50%. Now, according to this digital publication, there is also a significant overrun at the El Ingenio pavilion, of almost 30%.

Contract Details and Modifications

The contract was signed on March 22, 2022, with the company Guamar for €5,607,651.49 and a 15-month execution period. However, on July 18, 2023, a modification was added to the works for €1,570,145.13. This is exactly 28% more. Therefore, the current budget for this sports center in San Pedro Alcántara amounts to €7,177,796.62, and the completion period has been extended to 20 months.

Progress and Completion Date

Shortly after the contract change, Deputy Mayor Javier García stated that the works were 70% complete and would be finished in early 2024. The complex is expected to feature a central multipurpose court of 1,700 square meters, suitable for handball, basketball, indoor soccer, and volleyball. It can also be divided into three cross courts for both basketball and volleyball.

History of the Pavilion

On February 13, 2009, Ángeles Muñoz announced the project to provide the El Ingenio area with more than 14,000 square meters of sports facilities. The first step was a covered pavilion of more than 2,000 square meters, which was to begin construction that same year as there was a budget allocation of €1.4 million. Marbella was the European City of Sport at the time, and Muñoz took the opportunity to announce this project, for which she sought co-financing from the Andalusian Government. With the regional administration, governed by the PSOE, she signed an agreement for this purpose in September of that same year. Four years passed, and as the pavilion had not been built, on January 30, 2013, the return of the grant to the Board was ordered, in addition to the payment of just over €10,000 in interest. The facility is supposed to be ready in 2024, 15 years after the mayor promised it.

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