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Unbelievable! Muñoz Aims to Protect Beaches After Devastating Them, Says IU

March 22, 2024
Unbelievable! Muñoz Aims to Protect Beaches After Devastating Them, Says IU - mini1 1710521634 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella Beach Controversy: Local Coordinator of United Left Criticizes Government’s Beach Use Ordinance

Victoria Morales, the local coordinator of the United Left, has criticized the government’s announcement about the beach use ordinance and coastal protection. She finds it unbelievable considering the People’s Party’s (PP) actions. Morales points out that the PP is destroying the coast with the Mediterranean Park, which is urbanizing the coast, and by granting licenses for beach bars that are concreting our beaches.

People’s Party Accused of Mismanaging Beaches

Morales, in a statement, accused the People’s Party of managing the beaches in an economic manner by granting occupation licenses, use of hammocks, leisure areas with inflatables, with total disregard for the strict compliance of what is granted. She added that when they talk about hammock limitations, they do not really talk about beach bar limitations and leave everything very vague. It seems more like an announcement to calm the residents of Marbella who have been denouncing the privatization of our beaches, rather than a serious and real approach to protect the space that belongs to everyone and that this overflow will deepen the problem of the climate crisis we are experiencing.

Beach Plan Could Address Real Issues

Morales pointed out that the Beach Plan, which is approved periodically and determines the regulation of occupation, could include a real approach to the problem in its regulation. Making an ordinance to say the same thing seems more like an empty announcement than real measures.

Future Concrete Beach Bars Overlooked

The local coordinator of IU emphasizes that while the government uses nice words, they do not talk about the future concrete beach bars with basements that are planned and will steal public domain space, some of them even on dunes. They also do not mention that the ordinance should be made with real citizen participation, only mentioning business groups, but leaving behind political parties with or without representation, environmental or union groups. They do not ensure that there is real participation.

Limiting Use of Spaces and Removing Unused Structures

Morales also criticized the government for not talking about limiting spaces of use, or removing structures that occupy space and are unused, like the case of the Trocadero in Rio Real, which has two structures south of the walkway that occupy public domain space and are unnecessary. She added that it’s not enough with the illegal occupation of the beach bar terrace, they occupy even more area.

Mediterranean Park Accused of Destroying Dune

Morales concluded by criticizing the Mediterranean Park, which has destroyed the Pinillo dune, and has been made into a parking lot for Opium, causing great harm to the neighbors due to noise, public disorder, and traffic jams on the highway.

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