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Santiago Auserón brings his mesmerizing music and poetic reflections to Marbella – you won’t believe what happens next

April 24, 2024
Santiago Auserón brings his mesmerizing music and poetic reflections to Marbella - you won't believe what happens next - mini1 1713544071 e1713954552229 - Local Events and Festivities -

Santiago Auserón Performs at Marbella’s Municipal Theatre

Santiago Auserón, the lead of musical projects such as Radio Futura and Juan Perro, was the star of the show at the Marbella Municipal Theatre this Thursday night. The event was part of a new session of “Poetic Dialogues” within the Marpoética Festival. To conclude the evening, Auserón performed a concert featuring his most recent songs.

Music and Poetry Merge at Marpoética Festival

Once again, music and poetry merged at the Marbella festival, with two key figures, writer Juan Marqués and singer Santiago Auserón, both from Aragon. Auserón, a legend of Spanish music, is known for unforgettable projects that have shaped the history of national pop-rock like Radio Futura, as well as his philosophical essays and research on popular music.

Auserón Reflects on the Role of Poetry in His Life

In the first part of the evening, Auserón reflected on the role that poetry has played in his life during a pleasant conversation with Juan Marqués. He then performed a concert with his most recent proposals, some from the era of Juan Perro, songs that are far from his most famous hits from the 80s, which he performed with a guitar.

Auserón’s Attraction to Contemporary Greek Culture

Although Auserón does not consider himself a poet, he acknowledged that the genre has been a constant influence in his career and a vital necessity. He explained that he is currently drawn to contemporary Greek culture, especially 20th-century Greek poets and music.

Marpoética Festival’s Weekend Activities

The second weekend of the seventh edition of Marpoética is packed with activities. This Friday morning, the last session of the ‘Word of the Sea’ cycle, dedicated to young poetry and coordinated by writer Carla Nyman, was held. Venezuelan writer Alejandra Banca and Colombian Aurora Camero were the stars of this activity at the Fernando Alcalá Library.

Upcoming ‘Poetic Dialogues’ and ‘Faenando Versos’ Sessions

This Saturday, the festival will welcome poet and novelist Joaquín Pérez Azaústre, who will have a double presence. In the morning, he will be at the Virgen del Carmen Sports Port in an activity of the ‘Faenando Versos’ cycle, where he will talk about his extensive poetic work. In the afternoon, he will be at the Real Hospital de la Misericordia presenting his latest novel, ‘The Beloved Brother’.

Marpoética Festival’s Exciting New Show

On Saturday night, at the Marbella City Theatre, the festival will premiere an exciting new show, ‘The Oddities of the Octopus’. This multidisciplinary proposal originates from poetry but is complemented by other disciplines such as music, painting, video, or dance.

Weekend Programming Concludes with Double Session

The weekend programming will conclude on Sunday with a double session. In the morning, a new proposal from the ‘Faenando Versos’ cycle will bring authors from the Antonio Gala Foundation to the Virgen del Carmen Sports Port. In the afternoon, Mexican writer and actress Ole Oseguera will present her show ‘My Face is a Map of My Body’ at the Real Hospital de la Misericordia.

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