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“Rain Mercifully Holds Off in Marbella: The Yacente’s Journey to Meet with Solitude Uninterrupted

April 6, 2024
"Rain Mercifully Holds Off in Marbella: The Yacente's Journey to Meet with Solitude Uninterrupted - mini1 1711752138 e1712513665857 - Local Events and Festivities -

Arrival of the Yacente in Marbella’s Church Square

The Yacente has arrived at the church square in Marbella after its transfer. The rain held off just long enough for the transfer of the Christ Yacente to meet his Mother, the Virgin of Solitude, and celebrate inside the Church of the Incarnation following the cancellation of the previous day’s procession. This concludes a tumultuous Passion Week, with the anticipation of the Resurrection also marred by poor weather forecasts.

An Unusual Good Friday in Marbella

Good Friday in Marbella was atypical, with the procession of the Holy Sepulchre and Solitude cancelled since Thursday due to a high chance of rain during the route. The decision was a wise one by the two participating brotherhoods because, despite a sunny afternoon, it began to rain at 20:50 hours. At that time, the Yacente had just arrived at the church square, after a long transfer that allowed it to traverse the streets alongside the Ronda Legion’s picket.

Inside the Church of the Incarnation

The bearers of Solitude moved the statue inside the church where his Mother awaited for a joint act. Thus, Passion Week concluded, this year marked by rain, which led to the cancellation of most of the processions. This Good Friday began in the morning with the traditional Legionary Vigil at the Main Altar of the Church of the Incarnation. This act, organized by the brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazarene, was attended by the usual presence of the Ronda Legionnaires.

The Legionary Vigil and the Yacente’s Journey

In the afternoon, under a clear sky, a transfer of the Yacente through the Old Town was announced. Earlier, at 19:45 hours, at the City Hall’s door, permission was granted to use the City’s Banner, as is customary every Good Friday. The journey began from the Chapel of the Holy Sepulchre, moving up Salinas Street towards Art, continuing through Portada and Chorrón to reach Ronda Bridge. The route then descended Peral Street to Huerta Chica and through Victoria Square and Station Street to reach Los Naranjos Square.

Arrival at the Church Square Amidst Rain

From there, the procession moved through Chinchilla and Carmen to the church square, filled with spectators, where the first drops of rain began to fall just as they arrived. The rain became more intense, but the Yacente was already inside, while the Legion’s picket was withdrawn. Inside the church, a darkened act took place with the Virgin of Solitude on the altar and her dead Son at her feet. It was a different Good Friday, but one where the brotherhoods could at least enjoy what could be salvaged, and the Legion was also seen on the streets.

Uncertain Forecast for the Resurrection Procession

The Resurrection procession is scheduled for the following Sunday, but the forecast predicts rain, which could also lead to its cancellation.

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