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“PSOE Urges Government Not to Demolish Vargas Llosa School: Find Out Why!”

May 4, 2024
"PSOE Urges Government Not to Demolish Vargas Llosa School: Find Out Why!" - mini1 1714731165 - Local Events and Festivities -

Isabel Pérez, PSOE Spokesperson, Criticizes PP’s Policies

Isabel Pérez, the spokesperson for the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE) in the Marbella City Council, has expressed her disappointment with the policies of the People’s Party (PP) aimed at “destroying everything public”. She has called on both the President of the Junta, Moreno Bonilla, and the Mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, not to dismantle the Mario Vargas Llosa Primary School, where a line is set to be eliminated in the first year of preschool.

Concerns Over Reduction in School Capacity

The socialist councilor criticized the decision of the regional administration to eliminate one of the two lines of 3-year-old preschool for the next academic year. Over time, this will result in “the disappearance of half of this school center”. Pérez pointed out that this will mean many families “will not have the right to enroll their children in the nearest school to their place of residence” and will also lead to job losses “by reducing the teaching staff”.

Accusations of a Deliberate Strategy

Isabel Pérez stated that these actions “are not circumstantial”, but are part of a “perfectly designed strategy” by the Moreno Bonilla Government to “degrade both public health and education” in a clear attempt “to benefit the private sector”.

Support for Parents and Teachers

The councilor expressed her full “support” for the Parents Association (AMPA) “La Florida” and the entire educational community of this school in the face of this situation, which she described as “unfair” and a “step back” for public education in the municipality.

Call for Action from the Mayor

Pérez reminded that the Vargas Llosa school is the last one built in Marbella, inaugurated in November 2013, and has excellent facilities in the Trapiche Norte area and more than 400 students. She demanded that the mayor stand up for the children of her constituents and ask the Junta not to cut lines in schools.

Accusations of Neglect and Privatization

The councilor explained that the PSOE will oppose any attempts to dismantle public education, as is being done with health care, and announced that they will support measures taken by the AMPA. Pérez accused the PP Junta of not only failing to invest in Marbella, but also of launching a frontal attack on everything public in favor of private interests. She cited the situation at the Vargas Llosa school, the growing waiting lists at the Costa del Sol hospital, the chaos at the Leganitos health center, and the privatization of the Residencia de Tiempo Libre as examples of the “disastrous policies of Moreno Bonilla and Ángeles Muñoz”.

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