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Discover the Bliss of the Sea through Julio Ari’s Watercolor Series now showcased in Marbella!

April 20, 2024
Discover the Bliss of the Sea through Julio Ari's Watercolor Series now showcased in Marbella! - mini1 1713269637 - Local Events and Festivities -

Local Artist Julio Ari’s First Public Exhibition at Yuyu’s Bar in Marbella

Local artist Julio Ari, along with his painting teacher Teresa Pomares, is showcasing his work at an exhibition in Yuyu’s Bar in Marbella. The exhibition, titled “La dicha del mar” or “The Joy of the Sea”, features watercolor paintings and is open to the public until the first Sunday of May. This is Ari’s first public exhibition and it has been well-received.

Marine Diversity Through Colors

The exhibition focuses on marine diversity through colors and includes fourteen pieces, some of which have already been sold. The exhibition was inaugurated on the 6th and will be on display for a month, until the first weekend of May, at Yuyu’s Bar located between Antonio Belón Avenue and Dolphin Square.

Yuyu’s Bar: A Platform for Local Artists

Yuyu’s Bar is committed to supporting local artists and has been hosting exhibitions since the beginning of the year, promoting Marbella’s culture. Ari expressed his gratitude to Daniel Yagües ‘Yuyu’ for providing him with a platform to showcase his work.

Julio Ari’s Artistic Journey

Ari’s watercolor series showcases the beauty and diversity of marine life through colors and transparency, a technique he believes can only be achieved with watercolors. He has been passionate about painting since childhood and has always dedicated as much time as possible to his art. Initially self-taught, Ari eventually attended Art and Culture courses in Miraflores, where he met his teacher Teresa Pomares, who introduced him to the world of watercolor.

Previous Works and Future Plans

Ari has previously created a series of oil paintings of greyhounds, some of which were displayed at the “Bootes cafés to go” in Marbella’s Caridad Street, and a collection of insects, mainly butterflies in watercolor, which was completely sold out. However, the “La dicha del mar” exhibition is giving his career a new boost. He has received new commissions and is currently working on a series that he plans to exhibit in the near future.

Appreciation for Support

Until then, Ari’s art can be admired for three more weeks at Yuyu’s Bar, which is decorated with a burst of colors on its walls. Ari expressed his gratitude to everyone who has supported him and dedicated their time to make this exhibition possible.

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