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“PSOE Highlights: Marbella’s Labor Reform Sparks Unprecedented Job Creation!”

May 10, 2024
"PSOE Highlights: Marbella's Labor Reform Sparks Unprecedented Job Creation!" - mini1 1715258747 - Local Events and Festivities -

Isabel Pérez Highlights Job Creation in Marbella

Isabel Pérez, spokesperson for the socialist municipal group in Marbella and national deputy, has emphasized that “thanks to the labor reform” initiated by the government of Pedro Sánchez at the beginning of 2022, which the PP voted against, “more jobs are being created in Marbella than ever before and of higher quality”. She highlighted the number of permanent contracts.

Record-Breaking Employment Data

Through a statement, the councilor described the data being released as “very positive”, setting one record after another. In April, the latest known data, the municipality recorded the lowest unemployment rate since 2008 at this time of the year, falling for the first time since then below 8,500 unemployed in this month. “Not only is there more employment than when the PP was in power, but it is of higher quality,” explained the spokesperson.

Permanent Contracts in Marbella

She also emphasized that the number of permanent contracts in Marbella last month was 71% of the total, while the national average was 48%. This means, the socialist councilor points out, that while in Spain one in two contracts is permanent, in Marbella it rises to “almost three out of four”, demonstrating the “impact” that the new labor regulations have had in the municipality.

Impact of Government Policies

“These data are the result of the policies implemented by the Government, the strength of the productive fabric of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara, and the effort of the entrepreneurs,” she said. Isabel Pérez recalled that during the government stage of Mariano Rajoy, the record of permanent contracts in Marbella occurred in April 2017 with 996, 12% of the total. In contrast, last April, 3,587 permanent contracts were signed in the municipality, which accounted for 71% of the total (5,027).

Changes After Labor Reform

“The data speak for themselves about the change that has occurred after the labor reform and the policies of Pedro Sánchez,” she said. Therefore, the deputy wondered why the PP, which “takes pride in these data in Marbella”, on the other hand at the national level “is bothered by the fact that there are many people working in Spain and is dedicated to spreading hoaxes to deny the evidence of all the existing figures.”

PP’s Opposition to Labor Reform

Pérez remembered that the PP voted against the labor reform, but “now they want to jump on the bandwagon in Marbella, in line with the covid funds, which they tried to boycott in Brussels and from which they now benefit for the expansion of the Costa del Sol Hospital and the construction of the new Cilniana institute”. “There has never been so many people working in Marbella and it is doing so with a socialist government that has bet on employment,” she stressed, adding that “it is something that is felt in the street, the data is not even necessary.”

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