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Marbella’s Notorious Heroin Ring Mastermind Finally Apprehended by Authorities!

December 31, 2023
Marbella's Notorious Heroin Ring Mastermind Finally Apprehended by Authorities! - 2022122110164186674 - Marbella News Crime -

Marbella’s ‘Guardian’ of Heroin Busted

In a significant blow to the drug trafficking network in Spain, the leader of a heroin trafficking ring from Marbella, known as the ‘guardian’ of the drug, has been apprehended. The arrest was a result of a joint operation by Policia Nacional and Guardia Civil Cordoba agents. The suspect was caught after a vehicle was intercepted in La Carolina in Jaen, which was found to be carrying 14kg of heroin destined for Madrid and Leon.

Link to Large-Scale Heroin Trafficking

Investigations revealed that the seized heroin could be traced back to the arrested leader. The suspect is believed to be involved in large-scale heroin trafficking across Spain. He allegedly stored the drugs at his residence in Marbella, earning him the moniker ‘guardian’ of the drug.

Seizures from Raids in Malaga and Estepona

In a series of three separate raids conducted in Malaga and Estepona, the police seized two kilos of caffeine and the stimulant ephedrine, substances commonly used in the preparation of heroin. Additionally, two luxury cars, nine mobile terminals, 20,000 euros in cash, and various documents were also confiscated.

Additional Arrests and International Connections

The operation also led to the arrest of two other individuals suspected of involvement in the drug trafficking plot. The Policia Nacional revealed that the gang leader had connections with a similar criminal group based in the Netherlands. This group is believed to have financed drug deals in Spain.

Key Figures and Small-Scale Traffickers Identified

The police have also identified another key figure in the organization, known as ‘the carrier’, who was responsible for transporting the shipments using vehicles. Several individuals involved in small-scale trafficking of the drug, as well as a number of clients, were identified in Cordoba.

Prison Sentences for the Detainees

The Investigating Court number 1 of Marbella has ordered prison sentences for the three detainees. This case marks a significant step in the ongoing fight against drug trafficking in Spain.

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In related news, police recently brought down a 25-year smuggling ring run by a ‘cocaine queen’ in Spain. In another operation, large cocaine shipments were intercepted at the port of Valencia. In a separate incident, a Marbella father was arrested for child neglect after his baby was taken to hospital high on weed.

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