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PSOE Exposes Moreno Bonilla’s Shocking Neglect of Marbella!

May 1, 2024
PSOE Exposes Moreno Bonilla's Shocking Neglect of Marbella! - mini1 1714128451 - Local Events and Festivities -

Josele Aguilar and Isabel Pérez Address Marbella’s Abandonment by Andalusian Government

Josele Aguilar, a member of the Andalusian Parliament from the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE), held a press conference this morning in Marbella with Isabel Pérez. Aguilar criticized the Andalusian government, led by Moreno Bonilla, for neglecting Marbella. He accused the Mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, of being complicit in this neglect. Aguilar specifically mentioned the Justice Palace project, which he described as a “constant deception to the citizens.”

Marbella Abandoned in Infrastructure, says Aguilar

Aguilar, alongside national deputy and municipal spokesperson Isabel Pérez, stated that the Andalusian government has abandoned Marbella in all types of infrastructure. He referred to educational and health infrastructures, but particularly to the Justice Palace, which he described as a “constant smoke and mirrors” by Moreno Bonilla, with the complicity of the Mayor, who also plays into this deception.

Meeting with Judicial Infrastructure Advocacy Group

The regional deputy announced that they will soon meet with the platform demanding this judicial infrastructure. “The new courthouse should have already been inaugurated, but it is neither here nor expected, because there is no political will,” he pointed out. Aguilar called on Ángeles Muñoz to raise her voice against the Andalusian government and not to be a mayor of the People’s Party, but the mayor of Marbella.

Isabel Pérez Recalls Past Promises

Isabel Pérez recalled that as early as 2012, the Mayor offered a plot for the Justice Palace on José Manuel Vallés Avenue, in Albarizas. She later proposed another location, Pérez recalled, in the Roca building, next to the Costa del Sol Hospital, and now the option is the Torrecilla estate, on the Ojén road. “She went there in 2020 to say that she was already clearing,” but to date there has been no progress because “the lands are not urbanized and do not have access.”

Andalusian Government’s 2024 Budget Lacks Funding for New Courthouse

Pérez also pointed out that the Andalusian government’s budget for 2024 does not allocate any funds for the new courthouse. “From the City Council they keep quiet and sell smoke,” she said, demanding “clarity and transparency” with this project.

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