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“PSOE Demands Immediate Restoration of San Pedro Boulevard’s Fountains – Find Out Why!”

March 22, 2024
"PSOE Demands Immediate Restoration of San Pedro Boulevard's Fountains - Find Out Why!" - mini1 1710434087 - Local Events and Festivities -

San Pedro Alcántara’s Socialist Party Denounces Deteriorating State of Boulevard Fountains

The Socialist Party of San Pedro Alcántara has criticized the “deplorable condition” of the boulevard’s fountains. They are demanding that the deputy mayor, Javier García, fix them “once and for all”. The party believes that the current state of the fountains is further evidence of the neglect that our municipality is suffering.

Local Socialists Lament Poor Condition of All Fountains

The local socialists are disappointed that “all the fountains” are in poor condition, with some containing “stagnant water, garbage, and plastics, with numerous damages”. The San Pedro Socialist Party believes that the boulevard is an “emblematic” place, a basic infrastructure of the municipality, and a reference in tourism that “cannot present this image of deterioration”.

Demands for Immediate Action from the Municipality

The party does not understand how the PP government team can maintain these facilities in such a pitiful situation, which they see as further proof of the neglect our municipality is suffering. Therefore, they demand that the City Council, and especially the deputy mayor of San Pedro, Javier García, immediately install and properly operate the boulevard’s fountains.

Call for Water Conservation Measures Amid Current Drought

Given the current severe drought affecting the province, the party insists it is “inexcusable to review possible leaks and apply measures to prevent unnecessary water consumption”. They are calling for the installation of water recovery systems and closed circuits in all fountains, as well as the consideration of using regenerated water or non-potable well water to recover evaporation losses.

Request for Improved Timing Systems to Control Fountain Use

Similarly, they are asking for the installation and improvement of timing systems to control the use of the fountains.

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