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“Exotic Car Mechanic Trades Glamorous Marbella for Charming Spanish Village of Just 70 Residents!”

July 5, 2024
Former Ferrari and Rolls-Royce mechanic swaps fast pace of Marbella for sleepy village of 70 inhabitants in north-east of Spain

From Marbella Glamour to Tranquil Visiedo: A Couple’s Journey

Iván Fernández and his wife Eva, both 53, have traded the bustling tourist hub of Marbella for the serene village life in Visiedo, a small community in the north-eastern Spanish province of Teruel. The couple, who moved to the village ten months ago, have embraced the peaceful lifestyle of this 70-resident village, where life unfolds at a leisurely pace, far removed from the ticking of the clock.

Classic Cars and Countryside: A Perfect Blend

In an old agricultural garage in Visiedo, Iván has established a workshop dedicated to classic cars. His lifelong experience with engines, which began in his father’s garage in Madrid and continued with his work as a mechanic for luxury brands like Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and Bugatti, has prepared him well for this venture.

From Success to Crisis and Back Again

Iván’s journey has not been without its challenges. After opening a successful sports car workshop in Marbella in 2005, he was hit hard by the 2008 financial crisis. A promising job offer from Ferrari in Dubai was put on hold when a British millionaire asked him to maintain his classic car collection. Iván worked for this client for 12 years until the millionaire decided to sell his collection, prompting Iván and Eva to consider a quieter life in a small village.

Embracing Village Life in Visiedo

The couple’s move to Visiedo has brought a breath of fresh air to the village. Iván describes their new life as stress-free and peaceful, with the added convenience of a supermarket and a bar nearby. Their daily routine includes leisurely walks with their dogs, work in the garage, and occasional trips to the bar with neighbors.

Disconnecting from the Hustle and Bustle

Iván and Eva’s decision to move to Visiedo was driven by their desire for peace and quiet after years of living in bustling cities like Madrid and Marbella. They still have access to larger cities like Teruel, Valencia, Zaragoza, and Madrid for occasional nights out, but they don’t miss the noise and chaos of city life.

Family Life and Business in Visiedo

The couple’s grandchildren, who live in England, enjoy Visiedo as much as the beaches of Marbella. Iván’s workshop is also thriving, with him repairing neighbors’ vehicles and restoring classic cars. His current projects include a 1983 Alfa Romeo Spider, a ’37 AC Two Seater, and a 1957 Jaguar MK.

A Welcome Boost to Visiedo’s Economy

The arrival of Iván and Eva, along with their classic car workshop, has been a boon for Visiedo. The village mayor, Yolanda Ibáñez, is thrilled with the unexpected boost to the local economy and population. She praises the couple for their friendliness and their contribution to the village’s vitality.

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