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Minister Óscar Puente’s Scathing Rebuke to Marbella’s Mayor in X: A Must-Read

March 22, 2024
Minister Óscar Puente's Scathing Rebuke to Marbella's Mayor in X: A Must-Read - mini1 1707856366 - Local Events and Festivities -

Transport Minister Oscar Puente’s Sharp Retort on Social Media

This Tuesday, Transport and Mobility Minister Oscar Puente delivered a stinging rebuke on social media platform “X” (formerly Twitter). His target was Marbella Mayor Angeles Muñoz, who had recently called on the government for more resources to combat drug trafficking. This, despite the fact that she has close family members currently being prosecuted for this very crime in the National Court.

Mayor’s Comments on National Tragedy Draw Criticism

The mayor’s comments were made on Monday, following a minute of silence for two Civil Guard officers murdered in Barbate. Her remarks did not go unnoticed on a national level. Always active on “X”, Minister Puente responded to the mayor by citing a post published by Marbella24horas journalist Juan Carlos Angulo.

Mayor’s Ties to ‘Swedish Plot’

Muñoz had demanded more resources from the government to fight drug trafficking, even as she is linked to the so-called ‘Swedish plot’. This case, currently being prosecuted by the National Court, involves close family members and even one of her bodyguards.

Minister Puente’s Viral Response

In a message that has since gone viral, Puente wrote that the Marbella mayor “has more nerve than a bull with abscesses”, using a Spanish proverb.

Mayor’s Call for More Resources

“We need to give the Civil Guard and those who fight against drug trafficking the best resources. In this case, they have not arrived and the difference between one and the other is so evident that it leads to these situations,” said Angeles Muñoz.

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