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Miguel Poveda Teases a Sneak Peek of ‘Poema del Cante Jondo’ in Marb

April 17, 2024
Miguel Poveda Teases a Sneak Peek of 'Poema del Cante Jondo' in Marb - mini1 1712946123 - Local Events and Festivities -

Miguel Poveda Inaugurates Seventh Edition of Marpoética

Flamenco singer Miguel Poveda kicked off the seventh edition of Marpoética on Thursday night. With a unique and unrepeatable concert, he revisited his relationship with poetry, illustrating it with adaptations he has made over the years of numerous poets, particularly his favorite, Federico García Lorca.

Marpoética Festival Illuminated by Poveda’s Performance

The municipal theater was filled to witness the talk, led by playwright Alberto Conejero, which served as a context to understand Poveda’s creative process and the strong relationship he establishes with poetic texts. The night culminated with two stellar moments.

Preview of Upcoming Album and Surprise Guest Appearance

On one hand, there was a preview of ‘Poema del Cante Jondo’, his next album, set to be released on April 25, which is presented as one of the main musical novelties of the spring. He specifically performed the ‘Poema de la soleá’ in a surprising version alongside guitarist Jesús Guerrero. The other surprise of the night was the unexpected appearance of singer Carmen Linares. The concert concluded with Poveda and her singing a duet from a box the classic ‘Verde que te quiero verde’.

Marpoética: A Territory of Poetry and the Poetic

Earlier, the director of Marpoética, writer Javier Vicedo, had explained that the festival is not only a territory of poetry as a literary genre, but also of the poetic. He also recalled that this year’s motto comes from French poet Bernard Nöel, and says that ‘Writing is like embracing a body that is not seen’, which speaks of the unfinished nature of every creative act but also that “poetry is a meeting, a gathering of different and distant”.

Poveda’s Connection with Music and Poetry

Finally, in the presentation of Poveda, Vicedo spoke of the inevitable union of music and poetry and the preparation of a concert “that is unlikely to be seen again elsewhere”. The central act of the night was marked by the presence on stage of Miguel Poveda and Alberto Conejero. Friends for years, they showed great complicity and reviewed experiences and trips around poetry and especially around the work of Federico García Lorca, for whom they both have a special fondness.

Poveda’s Passion for Poetry

Lastly, Poveda, before facing his recital, referred to the importance that Enrique Morente or Juan Habichuela had in his decision to record his first album with texts of Catalan poets. As for Lorca, he emphasized that he considers him “a friend or part of the family, with whom I feel very close for his love for flamenco and popular music, lover of the persecuted and the one who suffers”.

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