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Marbella’s Tourist Boom in June: The Alluring Spanish City Captivates Foreign Visitors!

December 31, 2023
Marbella's Tourist Boom in June: The Alluring Spanish City Captivates Foreign Visitors! - mini1 1690214194 - Local Events and Festivities - Tourist Boom in June

Foreign Visitors Boost Marbella’s Tourism Sector

Foreign visitors have once again bolstered the tourism data for Marbella’s hotel sector, as the arrival of Spanish tourists has dropped to nearly minimum levels in the municipality. Overnight stays have increased compared to the same month in 2022, but are less than those in May of this year. The occupancy rate was nearly 73%.

June Tourism Data Maintained by Foreign Tourists

The increase in foreign tourists has also maintained the tourism data for June in the municipality of Marbella, despite a decrease in national tourists, which is close to the historical minimum for this month. The number of hotel visitors is still far from what it was before the pandemic, and overnight stays have even decreased compared to May.

Statistics from the National Institute of Statistics

These figures are provided by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) through the Hotel Occupancy Survey (EOH) for June. Last month, Marbella welcomed 76,647 visitors who stayed in hotels, a 5.49% increase from the same month in 2022, when there were 72,440 visitors.

Visitor Numbers Still Below Pre-Pandemic Levels

Although the data is positive, it is still far from the figures of 2019, the year before the pandemic (86,486), and the record for June, which was set in 2018, with 108,513 visitors. Of the total number of tourists who arrived in Marbella, 60,284 were foreign, less than in May and the fourth highest figure for June in the historical series (since 2005).

Spanish Visitors at Second Lowest Level

Spanish visitors were only 16,363, the second lowest influx in this period, only better than in 2016, when there were 15,283 nationals.

Overnight Stays in June

In June, there were 298,602 overnight stays in Marbella, less than in May (300,669), but 26,350 more hotel nights than in the same month of 2022, when there were 272,252. The figures do not improve on those of 2019 (323,855) and are far from the record of 332,767 set in 2017.

Foreign Tourists Vital for Maintaining Good Tourism Levels

Therefore, the influx of tourists from outside Spain continues to be vital for maintaining a good level of tourism in the municipality’s hotels in the face of the decline in national visitors.

Other Data

In June of this year, with an estimated 89 establishments open, an occupancy rate of 72.74% was recorded, a figure far from the 2019 record (79.18%). The average stay is also below four days (3.90), while, according to the INE, the hotel sector employed 3,817 people, less than in May. The average price per room was 221.49 euros, while the revenue per occupied room (RevPar) was 160.44 euros.

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