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Marbella’s Mayor Secures COVID Tests from Her Son’s Sponsor: Unveiling the Intriguing Connection!

March 22, 2024
Marbella's Mayor Secures COVID Tests from Her Son's Sponsor: Unveiling the Intriguing Connection! - mini1 1708629545 - Local Events and Festivities -

Introduction of Marbella Mayor’s Son’s Race Car and the Koldo Case

The unveiling of the race car belonging to the son of Marbella’s mayor has brought the Koldo case back into the spotlight. This case implicates a former advisor to Minister Ábalos and has reignited suspicions about contracts made during the Covid-19 pandemic under the guise of emergency procedures.

Marbella Mayor’s Purchase of Rapid Tests

In Marbella, the mayor purchased 8,000 rapid tests from the company that sponsored her son’s race car. The purchase of various materials to combat the pandemic has been under suspicion on several occasions, from the brother of Ayuso, the president of the Community of Madrid, to the cousin of the capital’s mayor, Martínez Almeida.

The Koldo Case

Now comes the Koldo case, named after the former advisor to the Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos. Alleged corruption is back in the national spotlight, while in Marbella, there were also strange movements that cannot be forgotten.

Mayor’s Purchase of Serological Tests

Mayor Ángeles Muñoz purchased 8,000 serological tests to detect Covid-19 in 2020, for which she paid 266,650 euros. This would seem normal, but she chose the company Helicópteros Sanitarios as the supplier, through direct contracts, using the emergency procedure as a shield.

Sponsorship of Mayor’s Son’s Race Car

Interestingly, this company sponsored the race car of the mayor’s son, Cristian Broberg Muñoz. The vehicle came into the media spotlight in late 2022 following the publication of news about the so-called Swedish plot, a National Court investigation into drug trafficking and money laundering that implicates the mayor’s family.

Contracts with Helicópteros Sanitarios

Among the companies featured on the car’s bodywork were those accused of money laundering like Codecosol, others named in the summary like DWINE, and some linked to other controversies like Opium. Helicópteros Sanitarios is one more, whose logo appears prominently on several parts of the car and which benefited from the sale of serological tests in 2020.

Contracts Awarded in Three Consecutive Days

Specifically, there were three contracts, awarded on three consecutive days (22, 23, and 24) in September of that year. The first was formalized on the 22nd (1,500 tests), another the next day (5,000 tests), and the third on the 24th of the same month (1,500 tests). In total, this company pocketed 266,650 euros for the 8,000 tests it sold to the Marbella City Council.

Suspicions Surrounding the Mayor’s Son’s Race Car

Regarding the aforementioned race car of the mayor’s son, the police suspect in the reports made during the investigation of the Swedish plot that there were “exchanges of favors” with the City Council to secure sponsorships for the vehicle.

Meeting Between Russian Businessman and Deputy Mayor

Investigators have recorded how the alleged ringleader of the plot, Joakim Broberg, prepared a meeting between a Russian businessman and Félix Romero, the first deputy mayor, with his stepmother, Mayor Ángeles Muñoz. The meeting took place in a municipal building on October 30, 2019, according to the case summary.

Contracts with Codecosol

Finally, it should be noted that the Marbella City Council made contracts worth more than one million euros with the company Codecosol, also a sponsor of the car and accused of being a tool for money laundering by the Muñoz family.

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