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Marbella’s Local Police Save a Starving, Abandoned Dog: A Story of Hope and Compassion!

February 12, 2024
Marbella's Local Police Save a Starving, Abandoned Dog: A Story of Hope and Compassion! - mini1 1706876481 - Local Events and Festivities - Marbella's Local Police

Rescue of a Dog in Dire Conditions Near Marbella’s La Represa Park

The Local Police of Marbella have rescued a dog whose life was in danger after being locked in a storage room for several months without ventilation or natural light. The dog was tied to a one-meter-long rope and had not been provided with food or water throughout this period.

Discovery of the Abandoned Dog

The incident occurred when municipal officers, who were conducting routine surveillance services, received a call about an abandoned dog in a space adjacent to a property near La Represa Park. Upon arriving at the location, the property owner indicated that the person responsible for the dog had been living illegally in the house and had since left, leaving the dog in a vulnerable situation in the storage room.

Condition of the Rescued Dog

Upon entering the room, the police found the Bull Terrier breed dog tied up and abandoned, showing signs of malnutrition, dehydration, and extreme weakness. The dog also had visible injuries on various parts of its body. The room was in extremely dirty conditions, without water, food, or natural light, and it is estimated that the animal had been there for a long time. According to the statement, there were signs that the dog had eaten its own excrement due to the continuous and prolonged lack of food.

Medical Attention and Investigation

The officers contacted the Veterinary Health Service of the City Council, which transferred the dog to the facilities of the Association of Friends of Abandoned Animals Triple A, where it received veterinary care. The municipal delegation checked the microchip and, according to the Andalusian Registry of Animal Identification, the dog’s owner was a foreign citizen with an address in Benalmádena, whose whereabouts are unknown.

Legal Proceedings Against the Caretaker

The Local Police located the current caretaker of the animal, a 36-year-old man born in Marbella, who stated that the owner had returned to his home country a year and a half ago and had left the dog in his care. The officers opened proceedings against this person for an alleged crime of animal abuse.

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