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Marbella’s Holy Thursday Takes a Dramatic Turn as the Christ of Vera Cruz Stands Alone!

April 6, 2024
Marbella's Holy Thursday Takes a Dramatic Turn as the Christ of Vera Cruz Stands Alone! - mini1 1711670061 e1712580235290 - Local Events and Festivities - Marbella's Holy Thursday

Christ of Vera Cruz Procession Takes Place on Holy Thursday

The Christ of Vera Cruz began its procession on Holy Thursday. Of the three processions scheduled in Marbella for Holy Thursday, two were cancelled due to poor weather forecasts, leaving only the Christ of Vera Cruz procession to take to the streets. The start time was brought forward by 60 minutes, allowing the austere and silent parade to take place through the streets of Old Marbella for two hours.

Threat of Rain Marks Holy Thursday in Marbella

Holy Thursday in Marbella was marked by the threat of rain, which eventually fell only until early afternoon, prompting the cancellation of two processions, the Calvary and the Christ of Love. Only the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Vera Cruz, Holy Christ Tied to the Column and White Virgin, which had already paraded without problems last Monday, did so today. The departure, scheduled for 23:30, was brought forward by an hour to start at 22:30 from the Hermitage of the Holy Christ.

Third Procession Since Pandemic

This is the third time this procession, which debuted in 2022 after the pandemic, has traversed the Old Town of Marbella. It follows a short route, descending to the Church of the Incarnation and returning. The procession lasted two hours, concluding at 00:30.

Austere, Silent Parade with Increased Attendance

The parade is austere and silent, accompanied only by a musical chapel and Nazarenes in green tunics and black hoods. In 2022, there was a large crowd, and this year the attendance has even increased, especially as it was the only procession to take place on Holy Thursday.

The Holy Christ of Vera Cruz: A 1999 Sculpture

The Holy Christ of Vera Cruz is not a new sculpture, as it was created by the sculptor Juan Carlos García Díaz in 1999. To bring the throne to the street, a mechanism has been put in place that tilts the Christ backwards at a 45-degree angle, allowing it to clear the door. Once outside, the sculpture returns to its vertical position, lit only by two candles. The procession moved down Ancha Street towards Puente de Ronda, continuing through Remedios, Virgin of Sorrows, Ortiz del Molinillo and Carmen streets. Upon arrival at the Church of the Incarnation, the station of penance was performed and the return journey began through Trinidad, Salinas, Arte, Portada and Chorrón, returning to Ancha Street to its temple.

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