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“Marbella Honors 11-M Attack Victims, Stunningly Sans Mayor’s Presence”

March 22, 2024
"Marbella Honors 11-M Attack Victims, Stunningly Sans Mayor's Presence" - mini1 1710193501 - Local Events and Festivities -

Minute of Silence in Marbella for the Victims of 11-M

This morning in Marbella, a minute of silence was observed for the victims of the 11-M attacks. The Marbella City Council joined the silence called by the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) in commemoration of the European Day in Memory of the Victims of Terrorism and the 20th anniversary of the 11-M attacks.

Mayor Angeles Muñoz Absent from the Event

The tribute to the victims of 11-M in Marbella took place mid-morning in the Plaza de Los Naranjos, in front of the town hall building. The government team was represented by the 5th and 6th deputy mayors, Francisca Caracuel and Chela Figueira, in a display of little interest in participating in the event. Mayor Angeles Muñoz did not attend, nor did any of her closest councilors who hold most of the delegations.

Attendance from PSOE and Vox Councilors

Councilors from PSOE and Vox attended, as well as the Commissioner of the National Police, José Manuel Rando. Members of the Local Police, Civil Guard, and Civil Protection were also present. Francisca Caracuel stated that it is a way to keep in memory and pay tribute to all the people who died or lost a family member in the greatest tragedy of our country’s recent history. She emphasized the enormous impact it had on the hearts of Spaniards, an event that forever marked the life trajectory of many citizens.

Strong Stance Against Terrorism

The councilor affirmed that it is necessary to continue saying loudly and clearly ‘no’ to terrorism and maintain a clear policy of strengthening the rule of law and repulsion of these movements that have left and continue to leave so many victims. Antonio Párraga (PSOE) wanted to remember the victims and “thank civil society for the help it provided at that time”. He also called for an end to manipulation when they wanted us to believe that it had been ETA.

Accusations from Vox Councilor

From Vox, Councilor Eugenio Moltó said that “both PP and PSOE are to blame for the fact that we do not know today what happened on 11-M”. He spoke of the “deeply rooted scourge that we unfortunately have in Spain with terrorism”.

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