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Marbella’s Festival Councilor Continues to Organize Events Without a Contract: A Must-Read Scandal!

May 16, 2024
Marbella's Festival Councilor Continues to Organize Events Without a Contract: A Must-Read Scandal! - mini1 1715791213 - Local Events and Festivities -

Yolanda Marín’s Controversial Actions During Her Tenure

Yolanda Marín, the Councilor for Festivities in Marbella, has been known to organize events without contracts, a practice that was commonly used by the former Sports Councilor, Manuel Cardeña, during his term. This was revealed during her speech at the last full council meeting.

Irregular Contracting of Events

Marín, who has a past association with the former mayor, Julián Muñoz, and strong ties to him, is currently engaging in irregular contracting of events as the Councilor for Festivities of the Marbella City Council.

Unfavorable Report on Halloween Invoice

At the last Friday’s full council meeting, another Halloween invoice arrived with an unfavorable report from the Comptroller. Previously, in a council meeting held in early April, the government team had to lift the Comptroller’s objection to three invoices amounting to nearly 40,500 euros for Halloween activities conducted without a contract.

New Invoice for Halloween Festivities

Another new invoice, this time for 10,648 euros, arrived at the last Friday’s full council meeting. This was for a batch of junior attractions (terror maze, craft workshop, and inflatable castle) for San Pedro Alcántara, a celebration held on October 31.

Legal Advice Points to Irregular Contracting

The report prepared by the Legal Advice again indicates that there was an “irregular contracting” and that “there is no contractual coverage to support the service provided”. The municipal lawyers warn that Halloween is an activity that takes place “at a very specific time of the year, so it must be planned well in advance so that the contracting is done properly”.

Verbal Contracting Prohibited by Current Legislation

The Comptroller points out that these attractions were carried out “with a verbal contract, prohibited by current legislation” for public administration. Despite the evidence, at the council meeting, Marín stated that they processed the file “under the utmost legality” and that they acted with “time and anticipation”.

Concerns Raised by Other Council Members

From the Sampedreña Option (OSP), Daniel Mahíquez, said that “something is happening in Festivities” and recalled the delay with which this small businessman was going to charge. On behalf of the PSOE, Councilor José Ignacio Macías pointed out that “they should have started the process earlier” and warned that the money “belongs to all citizens and they have the right to know how it is spent and that the file is clean”.

Invoice Payment Delayed Due to Irregular Processing

The invoice of 10,648 euros was issued in November and will be paid now, six months later, due to all the problems mentioned above regarding the irregular processing, far exceeding the average payment period to suppliers.

Verbal Contracts Without Documentary Support

These types of verbal contracts, without documentary support, became infamously known in the last term due to the methods used by the then Sports Councilor, Manuel Cardeña. The events are done without a contract and, when the invoice arrives, the Comptroller puts an objection, but the government team, with its majority in the council, has the power to lift it and pay.

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