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Marbella Hits Record Low Unemployment Increase in January Since 2016: A Stunning Economic Boom!

February 12, 2024
Marbella Hits Record Low Unemployment Increase in January Since 2016: A Stunning Economic Boom! - mini1 1706889919 - Local Events and Festivities - Marbella Hits Record

Marbella Sees Lowest Unemployment Increase in January Since 2016

Unemployment in the coastal town of Marbella has seen a rise in January, a trend that is common every year. However, this year’s increase has been the smallest for this month since 2016, marking the lowest in the past eight years. The number of unemployed people has not exceeded 10,000 since April 2022. Moreover, the year has started with 67% of contracts being permanent.

Unemployment Trends in Marbella

While December is a month where unemployment usually decreases in Marbella due to the Christmas season, January sees a return to the usual post-summer increases, which continue until Easter. Official data released this Friday shows an increase in unemployment in the first month of the year, albeit less than previous years.

Unemployment Figures for January

January ended with 9,288 people registered as job seekers at the Andalusian Employment Service (SAE) offices, which is under the regional government. This is 326 more than in December, representing a percentage increase of 3.63%. However, this is the smallest increase since 2016, when it rose by only 270 unemployed. Of the total unemployed in January, 3,579 are men (an increase of 100 from December) and 5,709 are women (an increase of 226).

Year-on-Year Unemployment Variation

The year-on-year variation shows that there are currently 475 fewer unemployed people than a year ago. Compared to before the pandemic, there are 2,986 fewer unemployed than in January 2019 and 2,932 fewer than in the same month of 2020, before Covid-19. This is the lowest unemployment figure for this month in the municipality since 2007, when it was 7,957. The barrier of 10,000 unemployed has not been exceeded since April 2022, therefore for almost two years.

Contracting Trends in Marbella

Regarding contracting, the data is also negative in Marbella. During January, 3,272 contracts were made, which is 471 less than in December, and 488 less than a year ago. Of the total, 2,193 were permanent (67%), 328 more than the previous month. The rest of the contracts (1,079) were temporary.

Unemployment in Malaga Province and Andalusia

The province of Malaga is the third in Spain with the highest increase in unemployment (4,088) and Andalusia is the autonomous community where unemployment grows the most (20,077). In Spain, it increased by 60,400 people, for a total of 2,767,860 unemployed.

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