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Costa del Voley’s Youth Team Clinches Thrilling Third Place in Andalusian Championship!

April 28, 2024
Costa del Voley's Youth Team Clinches Thrilling Third Place in Andalusian Championship! - mini1 1713950609 - Local Events and Festivities -

Costa del Voley Secures Bronze Medal at CADEBA

Costa del Voley’s male youth team has triumphed by securing the bronze medal at the Andalusian School Age Championship (CADEBA). The Marbella-based team managed to advance past the group stage as runners-up, defeating the Arahal team in the quarterfinals.

Costa del Voley’s Journey to Bronze

In the semifinals, Mintonette Almería, the eventual tournament winners, defeated Costa del Voley. However, Costa del Voley managed to secure the bronze medal by overcoming the University of Granada. The youth teams of Costa del Voley continue to shine.

Marbella Team’s Performance at CADEBA

The Marbella team participated in the Andalusian School Age Championship (CADEBA), where they managed to win the bronze medal. Competing in Group A, the Marbella team won their first two matches against Voleibol Gójar and Academia Voleibol Camping Los Villares with a score of 3-0.

Costa del Voley’s Path to the Semifinals

In the match against Berja for the top spot, Costa del Voley fell short with a score of 2-3, finishing in second place. In the quarterfinals, the Costa del Voley team demonstrated their superiority against El Ruedo Arahal, defeating them in three sets to advance to the semifinals and directly compete for the medals.

Costa del Voley’s Semifinal and Bronze Medal Victory

In the semifinals, they faced a familiar and strong contender, Mintonette Almería. The match was closely contested with the second and third set decided by a mere 3 and 2 points difference, respectively. Despite not having a shot at the title, Costa del Voley still had a chance at a medal and had to overcome the University of Granada. The Marbella team put on a great performance, winning with a score of 1-3, securing the victory and the bronze medal.

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