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“Marbella Gears Up to Host the Thrilling E1 Electric Boat World Championship!”

May 15, 2024

Marbella Gears Up for E1, the Electric Formula 1 of the Sea

Marbella is preparing to host the E1, the electric Formula 1 of the sea, which will take place in Puerto Banús on June 1 and 2. This is the only venue in Spain for this competition. A dozen teams led by personalities like tennis player Rafa Nadal will participate. The Fan Zone is expected to accommodate about 8,000 visitors over the two days.

Water Saving Measures Relaxed in Andalusian Mediterranean Basins

The Drought Committee of the Andalusian Mediterranean Basins has favorably reported this Wednesday, without any votes against, the relaxation of water saving measures in this territory. The new regulation, which includes the authorization to fill private pools on the Western Costa del Sol, will come into effect from June 1.

Call for Solutions to Public Education Problems in Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara

Isabel Pérez, the spokesperson for the PSOE, has presented a motion to be debated in the next ordinary plenary session in May, urging the City Council to demand solutions from the Andalusian Government for the “problems facing public education” in Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara. They ask the mayor not to “sidestep” this situation.

Marbella’s Festival Councilor Accused of Holding Events Without Contracts

Yolanda Marín, Marbella’s Festival Councilor, has been accused of holding events without contracts, a practice commonly used in the past by the then Sports Councilor, Manuel Cardeña. Another Halloween invoice with an unfavorable report from the Comptroller arrived at the plenary last Friday.

Nerja Cave Music Festival to Celebrate its 63rd Edition This Summer

The Nerja Cave Music Festival will reach its 63rd edition this summer, an event that will feature renowned artists from both the national and international scene and in different musical styles, to attract a more diverse audience. Notable names include Ara Malikian, Chanel, Farruko, Isabel Pantoja, Jhayko, Loquillo, and Luis Fonsi.

Marbella Records New High in Social Security Contributions

April ended with a new record for Social Security contributions in the municipality of Marbella, although a slowdown is perceived after the strong pull of previous years. There is also a new maximum record of self-employed workers, a modality that continues to grow non-stop. The data is good on the way to the high summer season.

Controversy Over Marbella City Council’s Decision to Relocate Beach Volleyball Area

The controversy over the Marbella City Council’s decision to remove the area designated for volleyball on Cable Beach and move it to the new facilities of El Pinillo is still very much alive. The petition that started last Saturday has garnered over 1,200 signatures in just four days. “We cannot allow them to steal our beach,” they say.

Mabel Domínguez is the New President of Opción Sampedreña (OSP)

Mabel Domínguez is the new president of Opción Sampedreña (OSP), taking over from Manuel Osorio, who had assumed the position vacated by Rafael Piña in 2015. This change comes with a new Executive that was appointed last Friday and is completing a transition with three years ahead for the municipal elections.

National Police Clarify Recent Gun Incidents in Marbella

The National Police have clarified two recent unrelated gun incidents in Marbella, both with the same background: a ‘drug flip’. These incidents occurred on April 2 and 13. Six people have been arrested. In this way, four of the recent wave of shootings have been clarified.

Bullfights to Return to Marbella in June

Marbella will see the return of bullfights next June, coinciding with the San Bernabé Fair, nine years after the last celebration. The poster was presented on Tuesday, featuring Morante de la Puebla, José María Manzanares, and Roca Rey. The bullring, owned by the City Council, has been rented to a union of three companies.

Bus Station for San Pedro Alcántara Still a Distant Prospect

The possibility of San Pedro Alcántara having a bus station still seems distant in time as no significant progress is perceived in this project that the Junta must undertake. The lands were obtained at the end of 2021 and now there is talk of signing an agreement and starting work in 2025.

Brotherhood of Rocío de Marbella Begins Pilgrimage

The Brotherhood of Rocío de Marbella began its pilgrimage to the Almonte village this Tuesday to experience a new pilgrimage. The traditional mass took place early in the morning at the Church of La Encarnación, followed by the Simpecado procession through the Old Town. The return will be on Thursday, May 23.

High Prevalence of Venous Vascular Pathology

Veins are responsible for transporting blood to the heart to be filtered. When this function is performed abnormally, waste is not expelled and remains in the circulatory system, causing a progressive deterioration of health. This is the origin of venous vascular pathology, and its prevalence is very high.

“In Depth” TV Debate Discusses Marbella’s Public Education Problems

As every Monday night, the “In Depth” TV debate arrives on local channels with information, analysis, and opinion on the current affairs of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara. On the table, as the main topic, are the problems of public education in the municipality. Also discussed are unemployment figures, mobility, and corruption.

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