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Marbella FC’s Rise Halted by Consecutive Losses at Vélez – The Shocking Turn of Events!

May 4, 2024
Marbella FC's Rise Halted by Consecutive Losses at Vélez - The Shocking Turn of Events! - mini1 1714567119 - Local Events and Festivities -

Sergio Narváez Celebrates One of the Goals Scored in the Promotion Season

Sergio Narváez is celebrating one of the goals scored in the promotion season. The victory achieved by Marbella FC at Vivar Téllez holds a special significance. The white-and-blue team has managed to move up a category in the last two seasons where they won against Vélez CF away from home.

Marbella FC’s Triumphs in 2013/14 and 2002/03 Seasons

In both the 2013/14 and 2002/03 seasons, the victory in the capital of Axarquía contributed to the team’s promotion to the now-defunct Third Division. Marbella FC fans celebrated a victory last Sunday that not only ensured the team’s presence in the promotion playoffs to 1st RFEF, but also made club history by being the biggest win in its history in Second B or 2nd RFEF.

Reasons for Marbella FC Fans to Celebrate

There are more reasons for Marbella FC fans to rejoice over this victory. The team has been promoted in the last two seasons where the white-and-blue team won at Vivar Téllez against Vélez CF. Coincidences sometimes occur in the world of football, and the precedents are certainly very promising for Marbella.

Marbella FC’s Performance in 2013/14 Season

In the 2013/14 season, Marbella FC regained the lead of Group IX after winning 1-3 at Vivar Téllez with two goals from Sergio Narváez and one from Arambarri. The match took place on April 27, 2014, a decade ago. That season, the white-and-blue team finished as group champions and played for promotion in a direct playoff against Eldense.

Marbella FC’s Performance in 2002/03 Season

We have to go back to the 2002/03 season to find a similar coincidence. That season, Marbella won in Vélez by 1-4 with goals from Cipri, Rafita, and Salida. The match was played on October 20, 2002. In that promotion phase, Marbella finished in first position in a league format where they faced Cerro de Reyes, CD Alcalá, and Guadalajara.

Marbella FC’s Recent Victory at Vivar Téllez

This season, the victory at Vivar Téllez has been repeated and the white-and-blue fans can dream of these coincidences repeating in the upcoming playoffs with the promotion to 1st RFEF.

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