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Marbella FC Triumphs Over Cadiz B Team with a Stunning 3-1 Victory, Leaving Fans on Edge!

March 22, 2024
Marbella FC Triumphs Over Cadiz B Team with a Stunning 3-1 Victory, Leaving Fans on Edge! - mini1 1708279691 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella FC Secures Three Points in a Match Against Cádiz Mirandilla

Marbella FC has once again added three points to their tally after winning against Cádiz Mirandilla on Sunday. The match ended with a 3-0 scoreline, but it was not without its tense moments towards the end. Goalkeeper Lejárraga made four significant saves in the last quarter of the match, preventing further damage. The goals were scored by Hugo, Dago, and Rafa de Vicente, who scored from a penalty.

Breaking a Streak of Draws

After three consecutive draws, Marbella FC was in need of a win, and they achieved it against Cádiz Mirandilla. They dominated the match but almost let it slip away. Perhaps due to the comfort of a 3-0 lead, the Cadiz team had their chances in the final stretch of the match, where Lejárraga had to step up as the savior. He made four saves, two of them in the goal play, where he couldn’t stop the third shot. The other two saves were crucial. What seemed like a comfortable victory could have turned into a disaster, but the team managed to hold on and secure the three points.

Team Strategy and Performance

Coach Fran Beltrán once again positioned Aitor Puñal as a central defender and moved Olguín to the midfield to pair with Rafa de Vicente. Up front, Hugo Rodríguez played as the second striker to Dago, with Juanma Acevedo and Ohemeng on the wings. The team performed excellently until the final quarter of an hour, which almost marred a great collective effort.

Intense Start and Goal Scoring

The team started the match with great intensity, displaying spectacular, deep, and touch-based football. This led to several scoring opportunities and goals. Jorge Álvarez made two quick runs down the right wing, and Hugo Rodríguez had the first chance just 50 seconds into the match. The first goal came soon after, with a good pass from Rafa de Vicente that Hugo Rodríguez headed in at the 4th minute.

Continued Dominance and Near Upset

Marbella FC continued to dominate their rival, with great team play leading to a second goal by Dago in the 22nd minute, assisted by Juanma Acevedo. The score was 2-0 before the half-hour mark, providing the team with a comfortable lead. However, the final push from Cádiz, spurred by a reduction in the scoreline, almost cost them. In the 74th minute, Kensly warned with a shot, but Lejárraga made his first great save. In the 83rd minute, a direct free-kick from the front led to Cádiz’s goal. Lejárraga stopped the first two shots, but couldn’t stop the third by Eyong.

Final Moments and Match Summary

Cádiz pushed forward, and Kensley had another chance in the 85th minute, which went over the bar. In the 92nd minute, Lejárraga made another crucial save, this time in a one-on-one situation against Eyong. The referee had added five minutes, and had this shot gone in, it would have caused a lot of nerves. To close the match, Harper hit the post in the 94th minute. The team now sits third in the standings, seven points behind leader Sevilla Atlético and six behind second-placed Yeclano. They have slightly widened the gap with the sixth-placed team.

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