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Marbella City Council Urges Calm Amid Recent Shootouts: Here’s What You Need to Know!

March 22, 2024
Marbella City Council Urges Calm Amid Recent Shootouts: Here's What You Need to Know! - mini1 1710891116 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella’s Councilor for Citizen Security Calls for Calm Amid Recent Shootings

José Eduardo Díaz, the Councilor for Citizen Security of Marbella’s City Council, held a press conference this morning. He sought to reassure the public following a recent spate of shootings in the municipality. Díaz views this as a widespread issue across the Costa del Sol.

Government Blamed for Security Issues

During the press conference, Díaz took the opportunity to criticize the government while praising his own municipal management. He responded to media inquiries about the recent incidents in Marbella, which saw two shootings in the same week and three in the past month.

Security Forces Doing a Spectacular Job

“The message is one of calm for the citizens, which is also conveyed by our security forces who are doing a spectacular job,” Díaz said. He attempted to contextualize the problem, stating, “This is a phenomenon we have been encountering for years, and it is entrenched in the Costa del Sol.”

Shootings Less Noteworthy Elsewhere

The councilor used the cliché that shootings “don’t sound as loud when they occur in other places,” unlike in Marbella. He shifted responsibility in matters of citizen security, stating, “We can monitor and support the National Police.”

Call for More Resources from the Government

After deflecting blame, Díaz began directing his comments towards the Spanish Government, calling for “more material and human resources” to combat this type of crime. “The government’s sub-delegate should take note, because we cannot provide more resources. Puerto Banús is the area with the most video surveillance and police officers in the municipality,” he said.

Concerns Over Government Policies

Díaz continued, “The sub-delegate should be worried about the policies of the Ministry of the Interior and the Government.” He concluded by stating that the Local Security Board has not been convened “for a year.” He added, “We requested it in writing, but we have not received a response.”

Blaming Pedro Sánchez for Shootings

In summary, José Eduardo Díaz, who is the Councilor for Citizen Security and often boasts about his performance in this area when things are going well, blames Pedro Sánchez, a classic move in the PP, when shootings occur.

Questions Over New Police Station

Díaz did not comment on when the City Council will make the La Torrecilla lands available for the new police station. This is the same location where the Palace of Justice is planned.

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