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Málaga’s OSP and Other Localist Parties Seek Power Union – Unmissable Alliance in the Making!

April 21, 2024
Málaga's OSP and Other Localist Parties Seek Power Union - Unmissable Alliance in the Making! - mini1 1713481082 - Local Events and Festivities -

Local Malaga Parties Join Forces for Independent Political Meet

The local Malaga parties that are part of this initiative, including Opción Sampedreña (OSP), have announced their participation in the first meeting of independent parties in the province of Malaga. The meeting is scheduled to take place this coming Saturday in Villanueva del Trabuco. The aim of these political formations is to unite and confront the challenges faced by the municipalities they represent.

OSP Leaders Hail the Event as a Milestone

OSP councilors Manuel Osorio and María Luisa Parra, president and vice president respectively, have described this political event as a milestone in the province of Malaga. The meeting, set for Saturday, April 20, in Villanueva del Trabuco, will see the participation of independent political parties and local groups.

Wide Range of Local Parties to Participate

In addition to OSP and the initiator, “Trabuco Sí”, other participants will include Compromiso por Manilva, Alternativa Mijeña, Avanza Comares, Somos Alcaucín, Por Villanueva de Algaidas, Mollina Sí, Burgueños Unidos por su Pueblo, Más por Serrato and Mas Pueblo de Cuevas del Becerro.

Event Aims to Unite Local Political Forces

Osorio highlighted the importance of the event in bringing together various local political forces. “We are committed to the progress and prosperity of our region,” he emphasized. The event’s agenda, which will start early in the morning and extend into the afternoon, will feature working tables, debates, and presentations.

Strengthening Local Political Presence

Osorio also underscored the importance of unity among local political groups to strengthen their presence in higher institutions and defend the interests of smaller municipalities. María Luisa Parra added that the event will be an opportunity to share ideas, strategies, and experiences among local parties. “We need local parties to have more strength in politics,” she expressed, emphasizing the importance of visibility and collaboration among independent political groups.

Event to Feature Individual Party Presentations and Roundtable Discussions

The meeting will include individual presentations from each party, roundtable discussions on challenges and opportunities for local formations, debates on communication strategies, and participation from guests such as mayors from other regions. The event in Villanueva del Trabuco is seen as a significant step towards greater collaboration and strengthening of independent political parties in the province of Malaga.

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