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Join the 28-F celebration in San Pedro Alcántara featuring Tabletom and Cristian de Moret!

March 22, 2024
Join the 28-F celebration in San Pedro Alcántara featuring Tabletom and Cristian de Moret! - mini1 1708560004 - Local Events and Festivities -

Andalusia Day Concerts in San Pedro Alcántara

San Pedro Alcántara is set to celebrate Andalusia Day on Wednesday, February 28, with a rock concert featuring the Malaga band Tabletom and artist Cristian de Moret from Huelva. The day’s events will also include a flag-raising ceremony at the Deputy Mayor’s Office and a performance by the choir Son y Sal, among other scheduled activities.

Event Details and Schedule

The free event will take place at Paseo de Las Palmeras, starting at 5:00 PM. The day will begin with the traditional flag-raising ceremony and performances by local choirs Aires del Sur and Son y Sal. Deputy Mayor of San Pedro, Javier García, along with the Director General of Culture and Education of San Pedro, José Antonio Moreno, highlighted the importance of celebrating Andalusia Day with a diverse musical program.

Morning and Afternoon Activities

The day’s activities will kick off at 11:00 AM with the flag-raising ceremony by municipal authorities, accompanied by a performance by the choir Aires del Sur. At noon, the choir Son y Sal will take over with a concert at the church square. Commemorative lunches for Andalusia Day are planned at the local Flamenco Club and at the Active Participation Centers I and II of San Pedro.

Evening Concert and Performances

The evening will feature the IV Andalusian Rock Concert, with Tabletom taking the stage. The band, which has reunited following the death of their previous leader, Rockberto, is a legendary group in the genre. Cristian de Moret, known for his raspy voice, is also set to perform.

Additional Events and Memorials

In addition to the day’s events, García reminded that on the eve, Tuesday, February 27, at 8:00 PM, Malaga singer María Villalón will perform at the La Alcoholera Performing Arts Center to present her latest work, ‘Tratado de paz’. This event is planned as a tribute to the members of the active participation centers of San Pedro. Furthermore, the V Memorial Antonio Naranjo will take place on February 28, featuring a triangular tournament between UD San Pedro, Marbellí FC, and Atlético Marbella Paraíso, starting at 4:45 PM.

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