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Loren Morón Crowned as March’s Best Player in Greek Super League!

April 16, 2024
Loren Morón Crowned as March's Best Player in Greek Super League! - mini1 1712830106 - Local Events and Festivities -

Loren Morón Crowned Best Player of March in Greek League

Loren Morón has been named the best player of March in the Greek Super League. The Marbella forward continues to shine beyond our borders and, through a popular vote, has received this distinction.

Impressive Performance in March

During March, the Aris FC player scored two goals and provided an assist, also scoring the winning goal in the Thessaloniki derby against PAOK. Loren Morón’s season in Greek football continues to be a dream come true.

Consistent Praise for Morón’s Performances

The Marbella striker continues to garner praise for his performances with Aris FC. His contribution to the Thessaloniki team goes beyond goals or assists.

Monthly Best Player Voting

Every month, the sponsor of the Greek team, Stoximan, launches a vote to choose the best player of the championship during the last month of competition. Loren Morón repeats and has won this distinction this month. He had already won it in November.

Key Player for Aris FC

The Marbella forward is a key piece of Aris FC since his arrival in Greece and he has proven it again in the last month. Loren ended March with two goals and an assist. He will also go down in his club’s history for the goal that gave Aris the victory over PAOK in the heated city derby of Thessaloniki.

More than Just Goals

In addition to his goal-scoring contribution, Loren offers a lot to his team on the field. Fight, sacrifice, off-the-ball movement, quality, and a lot of work to continue signing a dream season in Greek football.

Popular Vote Results

Loren won this popular vote with 29.28% of the votes. The second place was for Vida with 28.82% of the votes; and the third step of the podium was occupied by Meité with 17.80% of the votes.

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