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Uncovered: Marbella’s Hidden Crisis – A Month, Four Shootings!

March 30, 2024
Four shootings in a month: this is Marbella's Achilles heel

Marbella’s Safety Concerns Tarnish Its Reputation as a Top Tourist Destination

Despite being a highly sought-after place to live and a top-rated tourist destination worldwide, Marbella’s reputation is being marred by safety concerns. The latest crime statistics for Spain in the third quarter of 2023 show a 7.4% decrease. However, in 2022, Marbella was among the most dangerous municipalities with over 100,000 residents in the country. The town experienced four shootings in February 2024 alone, making crime and violence a growing issue for Marbella.

Population Growth Outpaces Security Reinforcements

Marbella’s population has increased by 6.7% over the past five years, according to 2023 data from Spain’s INE national statistics institute. This growth is expected to continue, but security reinforcements are not keeping up. The population doubles during the summer, causing concern among locals and those working in the tourism and luxury sectors. Marbella’s position in the luxury market is one of its main attractions, but without adequate security, this niche is declining.

Property Sector Expresses Concern Over Rising Crime

The Leading Property Agents of Spain (LPA) recently met with José Eduardo Díaz, the councillor responsible for this area, and Javier Martín, the head of the Local Police force. They expressed their concerns about the impact of rising crime on the property sector, particularly in residential areas most affected by a recent surge in burglaries. José Carlos León, president of the LPA, emphasized the need for security and peace of mind for residents and investors alike, regardless of the season.

High-End Property Sector Attracts Criminal Activity

Ironically, it is the high-end property sector that often attracts criminal activity to the town, particularly through the ‘Golden Visa’ scheme. This scheme allows individuals who invest more than 500,000 euros in Spanish property to apply for residency. Drug trafficking is another risk factor in Marbella, with several gangs operating in the town.

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