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Isabel García Bardón and Ángeles Muñoz Rank Among Top 100 Most Influential Women in Andalusia

May 19, 2024
Isabel García Bardón and Ángeles Muñoz Rank Among Top 100 Most Influential Women in Andalusia - mini1 1715959200 - Local Events and Festivities -

Isabel García Bardón and Ángeles Muñoz Among Most Influential Women in Andalusia

Isabel García Bardón, Honorary President of the Fuerte Hoteles group, and Ángeles Muñoz, Mayor of Marbella, have been listed among the 100 most influential women in Andalusia. This list has been compiled by Forbes Women magazine and also includes the Mayor of Granada, members of the regional government, ministers, singers, and athletes, among others.

Forbes Women Releases List of Influential Women

For the first time, Forbes Women magazine has published a list of the 100 most influential women in Andalusia. The list is not ranked but is arranged alphabetically by the names of the women included.

Two Influential Women from Marbella

Regarding Marbella, two women have been included in the list. Neither of them were born in the municipality, but both have had significant careers there. On one hand, there is businesswoman Isabel García Bardón from Estepa, who is the Honorary President of the Marbella group Fuerte Hoteles, one of the most important in the Andalusian tourism sector. On the other hand, in the political field, the Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, originally from Córdoba, has been included. She has been settled in the municipality for many years and has been leading the City Council for 15 years.

Other Influential Women in Andalusia

The list also includes other mayors of large Andalusian municipalities, such as Marifrán Carazo of Granada and Pilar Miranda of Huelva. In the political sphere, members of the regional government Carolina España, Lolez López, Rocío Díaz, Rocío Blanco, and Patricia del Pozo are also included. From the PSOE, there is the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, the President of the State Council, Carmen Calvo, and the former President of the regional government, Susana Díaz.

Artists and Athletes Among Influential Women

Artists such as Ana Mena, India Martínez, Isabel Pantoja, Pastora Soler, Sara Baras, and Vanesa Martín, and athletes like Carolina Marín and Olga Carmona, are also included. Journalists, businesswomen, actresses, and scientists complete the list compiled for the year 2024.

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