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In-Depth TV Roundtable Tackles Marbella’s Stadium Project: Discover the Inside Story!

April 12, 2024
In-Depth TV Roundtable Tackles Marbella's Stadium Project: Discover the Inside Story! - mini1 1712600528 - Local Events and Festivities -

New Edition of “A Fondo” Roundtable Discussion on Local TV Stations 7TV and M95TV

The new edition of the roundtable discussion “A Fondo” will air this Monday on local TV stations 7TV and M95TV. The show will bravely analyze current events in Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara. The main topic of discussion will be the new project for a football stadium. Other topics will include public health and the El Ingenio pavilion.

Collaborative Audiovisual Project Launched in 2022

This audiovisual project was launched in 2022 as a collaboration between two television stations, M95TV and 7TV, and digital platforms Marbella Hoy and Marbella24horas. The aim is to critically and courageously analyze the political, economic, social, and cultural news of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara every Monday.

This Week’s Panelists and Topics

This week’s edition, moderated by Ignacio Reyes, will feature a panel consisting of activist Carmen Varo, lawyer José Cosín, and journalists José Antonio Medina (Latinpress) and Juan Carlos Angulo. The debate will be available from 21:00 on 7TV and around 22:30 on M95TV. It can also be accessed via the Marbella24horas YouTube channel.

Main Topic: New Football Stadium Project in Marbella

The main topic of discussion this Monday will be the new details announced last week about the project to build a new stadium in Marbella. All aspects will be analyzed, and there will be a look back at how this issue has evolved over time.

Other Topics: Health Center Chaos and Halloween Attractions

There will also be time to discuss the chaos at the Leganitos health center after part of the ceiling collapsed on March 27. The verbal hiring of attractions for Halloween from the Festivities Department will also be debated.

Unfinished Projects and Municipal Disputes

The construction of the new El Ingenio pavilion in San Pedro Alcántara, promised in 2009 and still unfinished, will be addressed. Finally, the delay in launching the Social Hub Center in Marbella and disputes between different municipal departments will be discussed.

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