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Uncover the Hidden Secrets of Marbella’s History on Enthralling Sunday Walking Tours!

March 22, 2024
Learn more about Marbella’s past with Sunday walking tours

Marbella Activa Association Announces Historical Walking Events

The Marbella Activa association has unveiled plans to host four walking events on Sundays in February, March, and April. These events are designed to provide participants with a unique opportunity to delve into the rich history of the town. The association aims to recreate the past through these walks, offering a chance to explore the town and its outskirts on foot. Participants will be able to discover hidden spaces, unique perspectives, and unnoticed details that form part of the town’s history.

Details of the Scheduled Walks

The first walk, named ‘El camino del agua’, is set to take place on 11 February, commencing from Plaza de Los Naranjos. The second walk, ‘Ruta de Fernando el Católico’, will start from Plaza de la Iglesia on 3 March. The third walk, ‘Camino Viejo de Istán’, is scheduled for 17 March, with the meeting point yet to be confirmed. The final walk, ‘La Vía Sacra’, will take place on 14 April, starting from Plaza de la Iglesia. All walks are set to begin at 9am.

Participation Requirements and Recommendations

The association has emphasized that participants should be in good physical condition as all walks are over 10 kilometers long, albeit without any steep climbs. Participants are advised to wear comfortable walking or sports shoes and to bring along food and drink.

For More Information

For additional details about these historical walking events, visit the Marbella Activa website.

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