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Marbella FC Shakes Up the Market with Four New Arrivals and One Free Slot!

February 12, 2024
Marbella FC Shakes Up the Market with Four New Arrivals and One Free Slot! - mini1 1706894299 - Sports and Recreation - Marbella FC

Marbella FC Wraps Up Winter Market with Four New Additions

Carlos León was the last to arrive in the winter market. Marbella FC has concluded the winter market with four new additions to the squad, replacing an equal number of departures. This leaves the team with 21 players, leaving one spot open, which could be filled at any time with a free agent, a footballer who is currently without a team. Two of the new signings are on loan.

Marbella FC Prepares for Second Half of the Competition

With the winter market concluded, Marbella FC has assembled its squad for the second half of the competition, although there is still the possibility of making one more signing. The team currently has 21 players, out of a possible 22, and has one spot open that could be allocated to a player over 23 years old, provided they are a free agent. This is an option that is available, although for now, the team is complete with its current configuration.

New Players Join the Team

Four players have joined the team, two of them on loan and the other two with contracts until the end of next season, not just for the remainder of the current one. The first to arrive was forward Dago, a familiar face, who returns to the team where he was a key player last year in achieving promotion. He returns on loan from Talavera, also from 2nd RFEF, where he has not scored in the first half of the season, nor, for now, with Marbella.

More New Faces in the Team

The second to arrive was winger Juanma Acevedo, from Atlético Saguntino, where he was a regular starter and scored four goals. The next was Ale Hernández, an attacking midfielder from Atlético Manchego (2nd RFEF), where he was also an important player. And, almost at the last minute, Carlos León joined, a winger under 23 years old who comes on loan from Betis and who did not find his place in San Fernando of 1st RFEF.

Departures and Current Squad

These four players cover the departures of Álex Utrilla, Antonio Sánchez, Iker Muñoz (loaned to Torremolinos) and Carrascal. Víctor Vázquez had left earlier. Therefore, the squad is made up of Lejárraga, Yeray, Ale Benítez, Carrasco, Fran Moreno, Jorge Álvarez, Olguín, Óscar González, Aitor Puñal, Ale Hernández, Marco Tulio, Rafa de Vicente, Soto, Carlos León, Dago, Gato, Harper, Hugo Rodríguez, Julio Delgado, Ohemeng and Juanma Acevedo.

Coach’s Satisfaction with the Market

The coach, Fran Beltrán, has expressed satisfaction with the market, which allows him to have “a better depth of squad”. He also highlighted what Carlos León, a winger “with a lot of nerve, one-on-one, speed, young and hungry to be a footballer”, can bring to the team.

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