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Historic Employment Figures in Marbella this March, Thanks to Holy Week!

April 18, 2024
Historic Employment Figures in Marbella this March, Thanks to Holy Week! - mini1 1713135500 - Local Events and Festivities -

Record Employment Figures in Marbella Amidst Tourist Season

Tourists dine on the bustling Ancha Street in Marbella as a procession passes by. The past month of March has been the best for employment in Marbella since records began 22 years ago. With the celebration of Easter included, nearly 4,000 jobs were added compared to February. The creation of jobs is already accelerating as summer approaches. Additionally, a new record of self-employed workers has been registered.

Consecutive Increase in Social Security Contributions

This is the second consecutive month of increase in the number of contributions to Social Security, aided in this case by the celebration of Easter, which always results in a significant boost in employment in the municipality. The month of February already saw an increase of just over 1,500 affiliations, a figure that has now significantly increased.

Historical Increase in Employment

According to the information just provided by the Ministry of Social Security, Marbella recorded 75,925 contributions on the last day of March, 3,919 more than in February (+5.44%). This is the most significant increase in this month of the historical series, surpassing the 3,356 jobs of 2018.

Year-on-Year Data Shows Continued Growth

If we take the year-on-year data, there are 1,628 more than in the same month of 2023 and 6,503 more than in 2022, showing that the acceleration of recent years is now less. Even so, we are looking at the best March of the historical series, which covers the last 22 years. There has never been so much employment in the third month of the year in Marbella.

New Record for Self-Employed Workers

The number of self-employed workers recorded a new historical record in March with 14,633 self-employed workers. This is 170 more than the previous month. The previous best figure, which was in February, has been surpassed, marking another milestone in the constant evolution of self-employment.

Employment Data for 2024, 2023, and 2022

The employment data for 2024, 2023, and 2022 show a consistent increase in the number of affiliates to Social Security, self-employed workers, and a decrease in registered unemployment. The data for March 2024 shows 75,925 contributors (+3,919), for 2023 it was 74,297 (+3,148), and for 2022 it was 69,422 (+1,686).

Historical Data of Contributors

The historical data of contributors for the month of March from 2003 to 2024 shows a consistent increase, with the highest number of contributors recorded in 2024 with 75,925 (+3,919). The lowest was in 2003 with 58,870 contributors.

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