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“Hidralia Ushers in a Digital Revolution at its Rio Real Facilities in Marbella!”

March 22, 2024
"Hidralia Ushers in a Digital Revolution at its Rio Real Facilities in Marbella!" - mini1 1709327885 - Local Events and Festivities -

Hidralia Incorporates Dinapsis into Rio Real Facilities in Marbella

Hidralia, the company responsible for managing the complete water cycle in Marbella, is continuing its commitment to digitize its services with the aim of improving the efficiency of managing existing resources. This time, it has equipped its facilities located in the Rio Real urbanization with remote control and monitoring, which will be overseen through the operational hub of Dinapsis.

Integration of Water Facilities into Dinapsis Control Data Center

The integration of the tanks, wells, and pumping stations in this area of Marbella into the Dinapsis Control Data Center (DCDC) allows for remote and real-time monitoring and control of their levels, electrical and hydraulic consumption, and water quality parameters, among other things. This will increase the efficiency of resource management, optimizing both energy and water expenditure, making these facilities much more sustainable.

Importance of Digital Transformation in the Current Context of Scarcity

All these innovations and commitments to the digital transformation of the service in search of greater efficiency are particularly relevant in the current context of scarcity, in which the entire Costa del Sol area is experiencing the worst drought in the last 25 years. These measures promoted by Hidralia represent a step forward in improving the management of existing water resources, which are so scarce and limited.

Dinapsis: A Digital Brain for Water Management

In this digital transformation, Dinapsis plays a crucial role as a digital brain for water service in the heart of the Costa del Sol. Its operational hub offers a suite of digital solutions to optimize management and improve the maintenance and conservation of infrastructure, the preservation of water resources through the control of extraction wells, the reduction of leaks, and the control of water quality by monitoring the entire network in real time. It also allows for exhaustive control of consumption through remote reading and work management through centralized planning, which also helps to reduce emissions from travel.

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