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Hidralia Customers Rate Their Service Experience a Stunning 7.50 on Average!

April 10, 2024
Hidralia Customers Rate Their Service Experience a Stunning 7.50 on Average! - mini1 1712341746 - Local Events and Festivities -

Hidralia’s Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey

A technician from Hidralia, a company that manages water in various municipalities of Andalusia, including Marbella, has conducted their annual customer satisfaction survey. The survey aims to evaluate the service provided and identify areas for improvement to enhance the user experience. The average score given by customers was 7.50, indicating general satisfaction with Hidralia’s services in the municipalities where they operate, either directly or through their partner companies.

Key Aspects of Hidralia’s Services

Among the most valued aspects of Hidralia’s services are the assistance provided to individuals struggling to pay for their water supply. The company’s commitment to environmental conservation and biodiversity, as well as the continuity of supply, were also highlighted in the survey results. The clarity and accessibility of information provided to customers were also commended.

Shift in Customer Service Model

The survey data confirms a trend seen in recent years towards non-face-to-face customer service channels, such as the company’s website, phone, and WhatsApp. These channels are now preferred over in-person service, with 70% of customers choosing them compared to 21% opting for face-to-face interactions. This trend has led Hidralia to invest in new customer service channels and their CONTIGO customer service model.

Hidralia’s CONTIGO Customer Service Model

In an effort to improve customer experience and accessibility, Hidralia has rapidly transformed its customer service model, called CONTIGO. This transformation has involved the introduction of new customer service channels and various campaigns in line with current regulations. The company has also launched a specific program encompassing initiatives to eliminate existing barriers, such as language barriers, digital barriers, and barriers related to sensory or cognitive disabilities. The CONTIGO program aims for excellence through differentiation, support, and proximity and has been positively received by the public.

Most Valued Measures by Users

Among the measures most appreciated by users are discounts in case of leaks or escapes in the home, assistance in case of financial difficulties, help with administrative procedures, and SMS or email alerts informing of excess consumption or cuts. These measures received scores ranging from 8.74 to 8.79.

Advantages of Hidralia’s Customer Service Channels

Speed, convenience, and accessibility are the advantages of Hidralia’s customer service channels, such as their website, where customers can consult or carry out any management. The website also features a virtual assistant Chatbot that provides customers with answers to their most common queries. Other measures the company has implemented include telephone customer service, WhatsApp, and video call services.

Hidralia’s Commitment to Quality and Safety

Finally, Hidralia emphasizes the quality, safety, and guarantees of the water it supplies in different territories. The company conducts continuous analyses to certify that the tap water meets the highest standards required for consumption.

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