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Bullfighting Industry Titans Slam Favoritism in Marbella’s Prestigious Arena Selection!

May 18, 2024
Bullfighting Industry Titans Slam Favoritism in Marbella's Prestigious Arena Selection! - mini1 1715878777 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella’s Bullring Renovation Sparks Controversy Among Bullfighting Entrepreneurs

The Marbella bullring, which was renovated in 2020, has become a source of discontent among bullfighting entrepreneurs. They are upset about not being able to participate in a public tender to organize festivities in Marbella, as promised by Mayor Ángeles Muñoz in 2020 following the bullring’s renovation. They criticize the “favoritism” in choosing the company that will organize bullfights this year and possibly in the coming years.

Mayor’s Promise of Public Tender Yet to Materialize

On August 5, 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, the mayor presented the bullring’s renovation, which had been carried out with an investment of 800,000 euros. That day, she announced that a public tender would be launched to manage the bullring after the improvements. “We will study all the proposals that come to us, because we are going to launch a broad tender in which we want the best to participate,” she said. However, four years have passed and not only has this tender not been launched, but the bullring has been handed over to a business group without any tender.

Arenal Marbella Toros to Organize Three Events This Year

Arenal Marbella Toros will be in charge of organizing three events this year, one on June 8, which has already been announced, and two in August. According to the Councilor for Festivities, the management is from the City Council, which will be carrying out “rentals” for the different events, both bullfights and concerts.

Discontent Among Bullfighting Entrepreneurs

This way of operating has caused discontent in the bullfighting sector and several entrepreneurs have contacted this digital platform. They have asked to remain anonymous, to avoid reprisals in other municipalities, although they are perfectly identified by Marbella24horas. One of them has pointed out that there has been “favoritism” and that the City Council has acted with “total opacity”. He used the word “rigging” and is also clear that “at least there has been an irregularity”. This businessman, quite well known in the bullfighting world, does not understand “why we have not been allowed to access a public tender”.

Unusual Actions by the City Council

Another of the bullfighting managers consulted has pointed out that the way the City Council has acted in this matter “is not the usual”. Instead of a tender, he believes that in Marbella they have opted for “fait accompli” and “obscurantism”. Both agree that many entrepreneurs have been interested in the Marbella bullring, but “they have not been taken into account”.

Former Bullfighters Behind the Chosen Company

Finally, behind the company chosen by the City Council are former bullfighters such as Raúl Garcia “El Tato” and Miguel Báez “Litri”, the former rejoneador Fermín Bohórquez and the manager Jorge Cutiño.

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Bullfights will return to Marbella in June, nine years later.

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