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Heroic Marbella Cop Miraculously Rescues Man from the Jaws of Death in Heart-Stopping Mall

February 20, 2024
Heroic Marbella Cop Miraculously Rescues Man from the Jaws of Death in Heart-Stopping Mall - cardiac arrest policeman U20518215542XnK - Local Events and Festivities - Marbella Cop

Madrid Man Celebrates 68th Birthday in Coma at Costa del Sol Hospital

Juan Ignacio Arbulo, a resident of Madrid, marked his 68th birthday in an unconscious state at the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella. He was in a coma for 14 days following a cardiac arrest at La Cañada shopping center. Arbulo credits his survival to the quick actions of José Manuel Lora, an off-duty National Police officer who happened to be nearby.

Off-Duty Officer Springs into Action

Despite being off-duty, Officer Lora didn’t hesitate to step in and help. He was about to pay for his shopping when he heard a commotion and people calling for help. Upon seeing Arbulo on the floor, he quickly identified himself as a police officer and checked Arbulo’s vitals. Realizing that Arbulo had no pulse and wasn’t breathing, Lora immediately began resuscitation maneuvers.

Desperate Moments and a Lifesaving Defibrillator

In the tense situation, time seemed to stretch out for Lora, who saw that Arbulo was not recovering. A nurse arrived with a defibrillator, and Lora administered two shocks to Arbulo, whose skin was turning blue. Despite his exhaustion, Lora was determined to do everything he could to revive Arbulo.

Team Effort to Save a Life

Lora was soon joined by three security guards, who took turns performing CPR on Arbulo until medical staff arrived. Meanwhile, 112 operators provided instructions over the phone on how to save Arbulo’s life. When Arbulo awoke from his coma 14 days later, he was told that he had been in cardiorespiratory arrest for 13 minutes.

Gratitude for a Life Saved

Arbulo is immensely grateful to Lora, whose quick actions saved his life and allowed him to continue living normally without any after-effects. For Lora, a ten-year veteran of the Marbella police station, it was instinctive to help someone in distress. Even off-duty, his commitment to public service remained strong.

A Reunion and a Lifelong Bond

Upon waking from his coma and learning of Lora’s actions, Arbulo asked his brother to visit the police station to express his gratitude. Lora visited Arbulo in the hospital as soon as he knew he was out of danger. The two have remained in contact, and Arbulo plans to visit the police station in May to express his enduring gratitude to Lora.

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