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Fran Beltrán Warns: The Difference Between Being Third and Fourth is Huge!

May 5, 2024
Fran Beltrán Warns: The Difference Between Being Third and Fourth is Huge! - mini1 1714742707 - Local Events and Festivities -

Marbella FC to Face Águilas FC in Crucial Match

Marbella FC is set to host Águilas FC this Sunday at 12:00, in a match that could determine the third place in the league. The team’s coach, Fran Beltrán, emphasized the importance of securing the third spot for the promotion phase, as it could provide a home-field advantage and potentially allow a draw under certain circumstances.

Final Regular Season Game with Much at Stake

The regular season will conclude this Sunday in the 2nd RFEF, with much still to be decided within Group IV. In Marbella FC’s group, the third to fifth positions are yet to be determined, as well as some spots for next season’s Copa del Rey. Meanwhile, teams like Manchego, Cádiz Mirandilla, and Racing Cartagena are fighting for survival.

Beltrán Stresses Importance of Securing Third Place

Beltrán, during a press conference, stated that the team still has league objectives to achieve before the playoffs, and they likely need a point to secure the third place. He acknowledged that Betis is also vying for the same spot and that they are a strong team playing at home. Therefore, Marbella FC must earn points to gain a slight advantage in the playoffs.

Team Focus and Player Availability

Beltrán wants his team to focus on Sunday’s match against Águilas, emphasizing that being third is not the same as being fourth. Hugo Rodríguez will miss the match due to accumulated cards, and Óscar González is still recovering from an injury. Players like Marcos Olguín, Harper, and Soto, who have four yellow cards, could miss the first playoff match if they receive another one against Águilas.

Beltrán’s Thoughts on Águilas and Playoff Prospects

Beltrán refrained from commenting on potential playoff opponents, stating that the team’s current focus is on Águilas and performing well in Sunday’s match. He acknowledged that Águilas, which was built to compete this season, is on par with the teams in the playoffs. He also noted that they pose a significant threat, as demonstrated in previous weeks. Despite the possibility of a draw being enough for both teams to achieve their objectives, Beltrán dismissed the idea of playing for a point, insisting that they will aim to play their best and win. He also assured that there will be no rotations and a very competitive lineup will be fielded.

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