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“Marbella Set to Revolutionize School and University Transportation with New Regulation!”

April 8, 2024
"Marbella Set to Revolutionize School and University Transportation with New Regulation!" - mini1 1712076593 - Local Events and Festivities -

New School and University Transport Ordinance for Marbella

The Marbella City Council will implement a new school and university transport ordinance. This new regulation will consolidate existing rules and improve a service that benefits around 250 families annually and caters to nearly 500 users. The new regulation was initially approved yesterday by the Plenary and is now open for public display.

Details of the New Regulation

Municipal spokesperson, Félix Romero, explained that the Local Government Board, in a meeting held this morning, has sent the new regulation to the Official Bulletin of the Province of Malaga (BOPMA) for publication. Following this, a one-month period will be open for the presentation of allegations, as is customary in such processes.

Cost and Benefits of the Transport Service

Romero highlighted that the transport service is priced well below the cost to the municipal coffers. He detailed that the school transfer can be carried out for 321 euros annually if made in a single payment, and the university transfer for 640 euros. Furthermore, he added, the second child only pays 50 percent of the said amount, while the third child would have access to the service for free.

Scope of the Transport Service

The service covers 36 routes and transports 170 university students and 280 school students from the municipality, who can enjoy direct access to the centers. Nine buses transport between 450 and 500 people representing approximately 250 families throughout the year.

Legal Adjustments and Obligations

The new ordinance complies with the current legality as of today in this matter, as explained by the councilor. It establishes, among other aspects, the deadline for companies to apply for authorizations to provide this service and the obligation to display them on the buses and how to do so. It also includes the items that must carry their name, registration, and brand of the vehicles and the center to which they provide service, and the rights and obligations for the users, among other aspects.

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