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Fran Beltrán Urges Focus on Upcoming Five Matches: The Only Thing That Matters Now!

April 11, 2024
Fran Beltrán Urges Focus on Upcoming Five Matches: The Only Thing That Matters Now! - mini1 1712321224 - Local Events and Festivities -

Beltrán Praises Technical Team’s Efforts

Fran Beltrán has today praised the work of the technical team. Marbella FC has five matches ahead to try and reach the promotion playoff goal. This Sunday, they face Betis Deportivo, a direct rival, making the victory worth more than three points.

Beltrán Avoids Contract Renewal Talks

Marbella FC’s coach, Fran Beltrán, has avoided discussing a possible contract renewal, choosing to focus on the remainder of the season. The Luis del Sol Sports City will host this Sunday’s match between Betis Deportivo and Marbella FC from 11:30 am.

Marbella FC Struggles to Secure Consecutive Wins

Marbella FC has not managed two consecutive wins since last January, prompting Beltrán to stress that “any moment is good to chain victories”. He added, “The standings make us direct rivals and a victory would allow us to distance ourselves. We are at a point where every point is gold and every victory brings us closer to the goal”.

Beltrán Encourages Team to Dream Big

Beltrán has assured that “we have earned the right to dream and fight for something big. We have to focus on winning these five rounds and nothing else”. Thus, the coach ruled out discussing a possible renewal of his position, “now we only have to think about Betis and then Sevilla”.

Club Offers Discounted Tickets for Sunday’s Match

The club has put tickets on sale for five euros to watch the team this Sunday, something the coach has described as “a good opportunity to give that support to the players, who need it”. He added, “Hopefully we will see Betis’ field full of white shirts”.

Beltrán Praises Marbella FC’s Season Performance

Beltrán also wanted to highlight the season and the work being done by both the Marbella players and the technical team “we are having a great season, being third despite being a newly promoted team”.

Beltrán Comments on New Stadium Project

The coach also had words about the new stadium project that was presented this Thursday “for me it is a project of greatness that the fans and the people of the city were waiting for”. He added, “A stadium has been demanded for years and Marbella is doing everything on its part to fulfill a fundamental wish for what is to come”.

Beltrán Discusses Upcoming Rival, Betis Deportivo

Regarding this week’s rival, for the Marbella coach, Betis Deportivo “at the talent level is one of the best teams in the league with very unbalancing players”. A team “with talent, fast people, who transit well, know how to go to spaces and have a high level”. He added, “It is a team that constantly threatens you”.

Beltrán Reflects on Previous Match

Fran Beltrán has spoken about what happened in the first round match, “we did 35 very good minutes and we were losing 0-2; when they were better, who managed the result well, the match ended 0-0”.

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