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FC Marbella Strikes First with a Stunning 3-2 Victory Over CD Ronda!

May 15, 2024
FC Marbella Strikes First with a Stunning 3-2 Victory Over CD Ronda! - mini1 1715601483 - Local Events and Festivities -

FC Marbellí Celebrates Victory in Ronda

FC Marbellí is celebrating their recent victory in Ronda. The team has started their journey towards the Honor Division with a hard-fought win against CD Ronda. The yellow team had to overcome an initial goal from the Ronda team, but by the half-hour mark, they were leading with goals from Raúl Toro and Moha. After Ronda tied the game, Yiyi scored the winning goal in the final minutes with a spectacular shot from the front of the box.

Marbellí’s Journey to Honor Division

After finishing as champions of the Malaga group in the First Andalusian, FC Marbellí faced the first match of the promotion playoff with the sole objective of victory to try to move up to the Honor Division. The yellow team started the match convinced that they could create more danger from the wings. Yiyi and especially Moha in the first half were responsible for bringing danger to the rival area.

Match Highlights

The match’s scare came in the 12th minute from Álex Franco. The Ronda striker overshot a divided ball and hit the Marbellí player hard, who needed assistance but was able to continue in the match. The visitors were looking for a goal when Ronda mounted a counterattack from a corner to take the lead by scoring 1-0. It was time to get to work to turn the match around. In the 24th minute, Raúl Toro tied the game with a great shot and in the 30th, Moha cut from the front of the box to take a great shot from the front of the box to turn the game around.

Second Half of the Match

After the break, it was the home team that struck first. A center to the area that Paquito finished after a great heel extension from Ponce inside the box (min. 60). Marbellí was again very close to quickly tying, but the shot from Churre, after a great filtered pass from Yiyi, was stopped in the one-on-one by the local goalkeeper. The ball went to the corner.

Yiyi’s Winning Goal

In the final stretch, Yiyi appeared to leave his mark on the match. First warning with a shot from the front that did not enter (min. 84) and five minutes later to show his quality, copying the previous play but, this time, placing the ball in the corner. A goal that gave Marbellí the victory in the first playoff match despite the push of a Ronda that would not disturb the goal of Álex Franco again.

Return Match

The return match will be this Saturday, May 18 at 8:00 p.m. at the Antonio Naranjo in San Pedro. The match details are as follows: CD Ronda: Pablo Gómez, Faucho, Domínguez, Víctor García, Álex Pérez, Marco García, Pastor, Guerrero, Borja, Cantos and Jony. Substitutes: Ponce, Guillermo, Alberto, Pinzón, Hugo, Adri and Musa. FC Marbellí: Álex Franco, Raúl Toro, Yiyi, Diego Rubio, Marcos Ruiz, Montaño, Moha, Essomba, Alexis, Asencio and Pomares. Substitutes: David Castro, Óscar, Miguel Rubio, Churre, Pablo Gil, Alvarito and Domnguito. Referee: Pareja García. He admonished the locals Faucho and Domínguez; and the visitors Pomares, Alexis and Domnguito. Goals: 1-0, min. 22: Pastor. 1-1, min. 24: Raúl Toro. 1-2, min. 30: Moha. 2-2, min. 58: Cantos. 2-3, min. 89: Yiyi. Field: The Strong Sports Complex.

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