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Astounding 77% Surge in Marbella Businesses Embracing Local Recycling Facility Last Year!

April 10, 2024
Number of Marbella businesses using town’s recycling facility increased by 77 per cent last year

Marbella’s Recycling Centre Sees Significant Increase in Customers

Marbella’s recycling centre, the Centro Ambiental de Marbella (CAM), has seen a significant increase in its customer base. The centre, which is owned by the Mancomunidad de Municipios association of town halls on the western Costa del Sol and managed by Urbaser, reported a 77 per cent increase in customers in 2023. The total number of companies using the centre rose to 1,240, up from 700 in 2022.

Four Years of Waste Management at CAM

The CAM, which is celebrating its fourth anniversary this month, handles a variety of waste including construction and demolition waste, green waste, soil, and bulky items. In 2023, the centre managed a total of 301,677 tonnes of waste, a slight decrease from the 319,188 tonnes handled in 2022.

Increasing Awareness of Sustainable Waste Management

Manuel Cardeña, the president of the Mancomunidad, believes that the increase in customers indicates a growing awareness of the benefits of controlled waste management. He noted that businesses in the area are becoming more aware of the legal procedures for sustainable waste management.

Urban Waste and Light Packaging

In addition to construction and green waste, the CAM also receives urban waste and light packaging from Marbella, Ojén, and Istán. This waste is compacted, reducing the number of transfers and CO2 emissions to the complex located in Casares. Of the total waste received, 30 percent was urban waste from these three towns.

Construction and Demolition Waste Dominates

Construction and demolition waste makes up the largest percentage of waste in Marbella. In 2023, the centre collected 153,400 tonnes of this waste, slightly less than the 156,723 tonnes collected in 2022. Plant debris was the second largest category of waste.

Decrease in Soil and Pruning Waste

The CAM managed 29,044 tonnes of pruning waste in 2023, a seven percent decrease from the 31,224 tonnes received in 2022. The centre also received 11,800 tonnes of soil, a 57 percent decrease from the 27,726 tonnes handled in 2022.

Significant Increase in Bulky Items

The most notable increase was in bulky items, with a 40 per cent increase from 11,009 tonnes in 2022 to 15,378 tonnes in 2023. Construction and demolition waste accounted for 51 per cent of the waste received at the CAM in 2023.

Material Recovery a Priority at CAM

Material recovery is a priority at the CAM, with the centre implementing the selection of materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, plastic, metals, and WEEE (waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Cardeña noted that the work carried out at the centre ensures the circularity of these materials, which often used to end up in illegal rubbish dumps. He emphasized that the benefits of the CAM are not only environmental, but also economic and touristic.

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