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Unveiled! Marbella’s Dark Underworld is Netflix’s Latest Crime Thriller – Clans! Sneak Peek

June 21, 2024
Watch the trailer: Marbella sets the scene for new Netflix crime thriller Clans

Marbella: The New Hotspot for Spanish Fiction

Marbella, with its blend of luxury and underworld activities, has become the latest trendy backdrop for Spanish fiction. This has not escaped the attention of film directors who have transformed the renowned archway entrance to this Costa del Sol town into a prime location for their scripts and cameras.

Netflix Joins the Marbella Phenomenon with ‘Clans’

The latest production to capitalize on this trend is Netflix with its new series, ‘Clans’ (Clanes). This thriller, set to premiere on 21 June, intertwines Galician drug trafficking with the Costa del Sol. The main characters, played by Clara Lago and Tamar Novas, are a lawyer and a drug dealer from the Padín family who form a relationship amidst the clan’s biggest planned drug haul into Spain.

True Story Inspires ‘Clans’

‘Clans’ is based on a true story that led to Operation Nécora, the first major raid against drug networks in Galicia. The script is penned by Jorge Guerricaechevarría, a frequent collaborator of Álex de la Iglesia, while the direction is helmed by Roger Gual, a veteran who made his mark at the Malaga Festival two decades ago with ‘Smoking Room’.

Marbella’s Luxury Captured in ‘Clans’

Produced by Vaca Films, the plot not only involves cops and traffickers, but also delves into the intrigue of the lawyer’s mysterious arrival in Cambados, after leaving her promising legal career in Madrid, to settle old scores. The iconic Puerto Banús, with its luxury cars and yachts, features prominently in the series, including the sealing of a drug deal with a handshake.

Marbella’s Appeal to Film and TV Productions

‘Clans’ is the latest in a string of productions over the past six months that have leveraged Marbella’s unique blend of elegance, corruption, and crime. The first series, ‘Los Farad’, premiered on Prime Video last December, telling the story of an arms-dealing family fond of jet-set parties. This was followed by ‘El Correo’, the first major Spanish cinema blockbuster of 2024, which focused on the real estate boom and corruption of the early 21st century.

Marbella’s Iconic Archway in Film and TV

The entrance arch to Marbella has become a symbolic setting in these productions, most notably in the series ‘Marbella’ (Movistar), which has most accurately depicted the city’s mafias. Despite being set in Malaga and featuring iconic locations such as Cabopino and San Pedro de Alcántara, most of the filming took place in the Canary Islands.

Sex, Drugs, and Marbella in ‘Eva and Nicole’

The only production to focus more on sex than drugs and crime in Marbella is ‘Eva and Nicole’, which premiered on 2 June on the Atresmedia platform. This story of ambition and rivalry between two women is set in Marbella’s biggest nightclub and is inspired by real-life businesswoman Olivia Valere and her legendary Costa del Sol nightclub. The series is still awaiting its free-to-air premiere.

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